A Flight of Fish

A Flight of Fish

Taste 12 Vital Choice products | Product #FGS051

Curated for those who prefer the journey to the destination, this tasting sampler is your first-class ticket to twelve must-try Vital Choice products.

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Wild Pacific King Salmon

Known also as Chinook, Pacific king salmon is the richest and most sought-after of the Pacific salmon family. Sustainably line-caught on small boats, our king salmon is iced immediately and flash-frozen within hours to preserve its fresh-caught quality. Wild king salmon tops all wild salmon species for fat and omega-3 content, and is also rich in vitamin D.


Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Unlike most Alaskan sockeye, ours comes from fisheries in regions known to produce the world’s finest wild salmon. This fish typically commands the highest prices on world markets due to its unrivaled quality, flavor, and oil content. In addition to ample protein, sockeye offers abundant omega-3s and vitamin D. Known also as “red” salmon, sockeye is the richest of all wild salmon in the powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin.


Wild Alaskan Silver (Coho) Salmon

Known also as coho, wild Alaskan silver salmon is delightfully moist and delicate despite having less fat than wild sockeye or king salmon. Compared with sockeye or king, it's a somewhat leaner fish whose delicate flavor and texture finds favor with many salmon connoisseurs. Line-caught and frozen at sea, our silver salmon offers fabulous, fresh-caught flavor.


Wild Alaskan Halibut

Renowned as one of the world’s premium whitefish, Alaskan halibut has a mild flavor and firm texture that make it a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike. Vital Choice selects the smallest fish of the catch to ensure optimal purity. Like all Alaskan seafood, our halibut is responsibly managed to support continued abundance. Halibut is high in protein, leaner than salmon, and well-suited for all cooking methods.


Wild Pacific Albacore Tuna

Sushi-grade and small in size, our white albacore tuna is deliciously pure and abundant in omega-3s. Each 6 oz package contains 3 to 4 skinless, boneless medallions of firm, flavorful tuna (about 3/4” thick). Troll-caught and flash-frozen at sea, our albacore is always dolphin safe.


Wild Alaskan Cod

State-of-the-art humane fishing methods and single-freeze processing make this the best cod available. Scientific studies have shown that humane catch methods result in fish with a higher nutritional quality, better flavor, and a longer shelf life. Fabulous when baked, sautéed, or grilled, our wild Alaskan cod is a versatile white fish that pleases many palates.


Lightly Smoked Oven-Ready Wild Sablefish

Lightly brined, and infused with the smoky essence of alder wood, our golden-hued "oven-ready” sablefish is a treat for the senses and a breeze to prepare. Known also as butterfish or black cod, our wild Alaskan sablefish is sustainably caught and rated Green/Best Choice by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch. Sablefish provides far more omega-3 fatty acids than most other fish, making it a silky and nutritious delicacy.


Wild Alaskan Salmon Sausage

Co-created with pioneering health expert Dr. Andrew Weil, our salmon sausage patties make a deliciously convenient source of marine protein for any meal of the day. Made from sustainably caught, wild sockeye salmon and all-organic ingredients, our Savory Country Style salmon sausage offers a healthful, tasty, omega-3-rich alternative to traditional breakfast sausage.


Wild Pacific Sockeye Salmon Nova Lox

Customers praise the vibrant flavor and silky texture of our premium sockeye Nova lox. Sustainably caught sockeye is lightly brined and gently cold-smoked over alder hardwood; then it’s thinly sliced, vacuum packed, and immediately flash frozen. One package thaws quickly and serves two generously.


Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon

Ready to thaw and serve, our sustainably caught sockeye salmon is cured in a light salt brine, hot-smoked smoked over alder hardwood, then vacuum packed and immediately flash-frozen to lock in freshness. For fast thawing, immerse unopened package in cold water for about 20 minutes or until flexible.


Organic Extra-Dark Chocolate

Our chocolate boasts a whopping 80% cacao, making it rich in flavor and beneficial polyphenols. Unlike most chocolate, ours is made with raw cacao that has not been treated with alkali, a standard process called Dutching which destroys most of chocolate’s beneficial antioxidants.


Signature Organic Salmon Seasoning

Custom blended in small batches with the finest certified-organic ingredients, our Signature Organic Salmon Seasoning is the perfect complement to our wild salmon, seafood, poultry, or meat, and makes a delicious seasoning for salad dressing. No MSG, additives, or gluten.



Average Ratings: 5

"A Flight of Fish" BJ Doty on 12/28/2020 14:15 Review: We gave this to both our daughters and their families for Christmas, and it was a big hit! The fish was gone before Christmas, so it was very popular. Thanks!

"Smart choice!" Catherine J. Gandilhon on 11/05/2020 18:02 Review: Ate it all: Loved it all.

"J. Luker" Jeanna L on 10/01/2020 15:38 Review: So far we've tried the Wild Alaskan Sockeye, Wild Pacific King Salmon, Wild Alaskan Halibut, and the Wild Pacific Sockeye Salmon Nova Lox and every one has been excellent! And, we recommend your products and service.

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See individual items:

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quote-icon is my favorite source for wild Alaskan salmon, sablefish, sardines, and other fish rich in omega-3s... I can't tell you how many messages I get from people thanking me for recommending Vital Choice.
Simply put Vital Choice offers the best seafood and related products available. We have always recommended Vital Choice to clients, friends, and family. As health practitioners we value the sustainable practices and trust this company implicitly!

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Unlike anything you've seen from the grocery store…I recommend Vital Choice—my personal favorite for delicious, fresh, healthy, and completely safe canned tuna and salmon.
Vital Box captures the fresh-caught quality of succulent, sustainably harvested Alaskan salmon and northwest Pacific seafood by cleaning and flash-freezing it within hours of harvest.
I purchased for my brother (difficult to buy for) and he loved it!! He can’t stop raving about the fish! Thank you for quality!

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