1. Wild Salmon Bacon
Wild Salmon Bacon
Wild Salmon Bacon
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OU Kosher
OU Kosher

  • 1 package salmon bacon, 7 oz (200g)
  • Net Weight: 7 oz


Made with wild-caught salmon and a touch of maple syrup, our salmon bacon is a delicious, kosher alternative to conventional pork bacon. Infused with alder smoke and seasoned with black pepper, it comes to you ready to thaw, cook, and enjoy with breakfast, on a BLT, or crumbled over salads, pasta, chowder, and more. Each 7-ounce package contains 7-9 slices. Kosher (OU).

Ingredients: Keta salmon (Oncorhynchus keta), coconut oil, sugars (white sugar, maple syrup), sea salt, cherry powder (cherry powder, organic cane sugar), cultured celery powder (cultured celery powder, sea salt), cornstarch, pepper, natural liquid smoke, silicon dioxide, natural wood smoke (alder).