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General Fees and Policies

FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $99 or more

Some premium services cost more... see below.

Standard Shipping Fees

  • Up to $49.99 = $6.95 shipping
  • $50 - $98.99 = $12.95 shipping
  • $99 and over = FREE shipping*

NOTE: Free standard shipping applies to each order of $99 or more per U.S. shipping address other than Alaska and Hawaii.

Perishable packages sent to Alaska and Hawaii* are subject to the following surcharges:

  • For orders up to $200 the surcharge = $19.95
  • For orders above $200 the surcharge = 10% of the order total.

*Non-perishable orders going to Alaska and Hawaii that total $99 or more ship Free.

Shipping Policies

      • Free shipping on orders of $99 or more applies to our standard deliveries to the United States.
      • Shipping is calculated separately for each delivery address.
      • Non-Perishable Foods (canned and dry) are shipped via Ground and normally arrive within 3 to 7 business days, depending upon destination.
      • Frozen Foods ship via 1- to 3-Day Express Ground Service, or 2nd Day Air Service Monday - Wednesday, depending on destination.
      • Live shellfish only ship Monday through Thursday. Orders must be placed before 5 p.m. PST the previous day.
      • Sunday orders arrive Tuesday

      • Monday orders arrive Wednesday

      • Tuesday orders arrive Thursday

      • Wednesday orders arrive Friday

      • To arrange for specific delivery time frames, please call 800-608-4825 to place your order.

NOTE: You can upgrade delivery service, at an extra charge (see Premium Services, below). If you have questions after reading this page, please send an email to info@vitalchoice.com.

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When should my order arrive?

All times are Pacific Standard, and these guidelines apply unless you choose Overnight service:

Non-Perishable Goods: Order/Shipping Schedule using Regular Service:

  • Shipped via Ground Monday through Friday (except holidays), and normally arrive within 3 to 7 days, depending upon destination.
  • Shipments to Washington State, Oregon, Northern California, and Idaho may arrive in 1 to 2 days.

Frozen Foods: Order/Shipping Schedule using Regular Service*:

  • Orders placed Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or before 10 AM Tuesday will ship Tuesday* to arrive 1-3 days later.
  • Orders placed between 10 AM Tuesday and 10 AM Wednesday will ship Wednesday* to arrive 1-2 days later.
  • Orders placed after 10 AM on Wednesday through 12:00 midnight Friday will ship Monday* to arrive 1-3 days later.

Frozen Foods: Order/Shipping Schedule using Overnight Service*:

  • Orders placed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or before 10 AM on Thursday will ship that day to arrive the following day.
  • Orders placed after 10 AM on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will ship the following day to arrive the day after ... in other words, two days after the day the order was placed.
  • Orders placed after 10 AM Thursday or at any time on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will ship the following Monday to arrive Tuesday.

*Except when a holiday falls on the designated shipping day.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee specific delivery times:

  • We strive to deliver your order on time to the address you designate. Virtually all of our deliveries are successful and we want to make sure yours is among them!
  • The courier will normally knock on your door and, if no one answers, will leave your package at your door.
  • Occasionally, perishables will arrive a day early. In most cases, if no one is home, couriers will leave the package at your door.
  • We are not liable for orders that are not retrieved in a timely manner.
  • If you have very special delivery needs, please call Customer Service at 800-608-4825 for assistance.

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Premium Services and Fees

Premium Shipping Upgrades on orders containing frozen and non-frozen items are calculated separately.

For the Non-Perishable portion of your Cart:

  • Upgrade to 2nd Day Air Delivery: Add $12.95 up to $110, 12% of total above $110.
  • Upgrade to Overnight Delivery: Add $35.00 for orders totaling up to $205.00. Add 17% of the total to orders totaling $205 or more. For example, it would cost $38.25 to upgrade an order of $225 to overnight delivery (225 x 0.17 = 38.25).

For the Perishable portion of your Cart:

  • Upgrade to Overnight Delivery:
  • Add $35.00 for orders totaling up to $205.00. Add 17% of the total to orders totaling $205 or more. For example, it would cost $38.25 to upgrade an order of $225 to overnight delivery (225 x 0.17 = 38.25).

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Handling Frozen Goods

  • We ship our frozen products with dry ice.
  • Perishable products should be refrigerated or frozen upon receipt.
  • Sometimes packages do not arrive solidly frozen. As long as they are cold to the touch, slightly thawed sealed portions may be safely refrozen with no perceptible loss of quality or nutritional value.
  • Unopened, vacuum-packed smoked fish packages have a refrigerated shelf life of about 2 weeks.
  • Unopened, vacuum-packed non-smoked fish packages have a refrigerated shelf life of about 3 days.
  • After opening, smoked fish is best consumed within 3 days.
  • Consume non-smoked fish (and our lightly smoked "oven ready" sablefish) within 1 day of thawing, or keep frozen.


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Canadian Shipping Information

No Online Orders to Canada; Express-Service Limitations

Rising taxes and fees force us to halt all online sales and sales of perishable goods (one exception described, below*) to Canada.

  • Canadian customers must place their orders toll-free at 866-482-5887 on Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 4:00pm Pacific Time.
  • Canadian orders will now be sent by post, using Priority Mail International.
  • Customers should expect to pay any applicable taxes or customs fees upon package delivery.
  • *We can only send non-perishable goods, unless a Canadian customer uses their own FedEx account, at their own risk.
  • Canadian customers who request shipping of goods via their own FedEx account (at their own risk), will not be charged for shipping.
  • Customers who use their own FedEx accounts can order frozen and/or non-perishable goods and request upgraded shipping of non-perishables.

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International Orders: Canada Only

International shipping is limited to Canada. And we can only ship non-perishable goods to Canada, unless a customer uses their own FedEx shipping account. The cost of non-perishable Vital Choice shipments to Canada will be calculated based on weight. For more information, see Canadian Shipping Information, above.

Canada: We cannot ship perishable items to Canada, unless a customer uses their own FedEx account at their own risk. However, we can ship non-perishable goods to Canada — for details, see Canadian Shipping Information, above.

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Since Vital Choice began shipping perishable foods in 2002, we've been committed to environmental sustainability in all aspects of our business.

One of our biggest challenges has been finding a more eco-friendly shipping container that matched the cost, weight, durability, and insulating advantages of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam containers — and with SeaSaver™ shipping containers, we finally succeeded.

Our SeaSaver™ insulated packaging consists of soft, flexible, recycled cotton fiber pads (biodegradable) covered with a tough, moisture-resistant film (recyclable). These pads enclose and protect the dry ice and food within a cardboard box (also recyclable).

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Send an email to Customer Service or call us toll-free at 800-608-4825.

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