1. Wild Alaskan Salmon Dogs
Wild Alaskan Salmon Dogs
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  • 9 packages of Wild Salmon Dogs (4 dogs, 9.6 oz (272g) each package)

Pescatarians can rejoice over our soy-free meatless franks made from wild Alaskan salmon and pollock, with a plant-based casing. Seasoned with select organic spices and free of nitrates, nitrites, and artificial preservatives, our wild salmon dogs are uncured, gluten-free, and ready to cook straight from the freezer.

Ingredients: Wild Alaskan salmon, wild Alaskan pollock, water. Contains 2% or less of: lemon juice, *vegetable stock (*carrots,*celery, *onion, *tomato, salt, *gluten-free soy sauce [water, *soybean, salt, *alcohol], *cane sugar, *maltodextrin, **natural flavor, *potato starch, *dried onion, *dried garlic, *spice), *garlic, *brown sugar, *spices (including *mustard, *garlic, and *onion powder), *arrowroot, oleoresin paprika, rice bran oil, sea salt, *black pepper, natural liquid smoke, calcium lactate, calcium alginate casing (from wild seaweed). Contains fish.

**Torula yeast extract