1. How To Clean Spot Prawns

How To Clean Spot Prawns

Becky Selengut

Chef Becky Selengut shows some smart tips on cleaning Vital Choice Spot Prawns. Truly unique, with a clean, sweet flavor and firm texture, our spot prawns are harvested sustainably in cold, clean British Columbia waters. They are hand-packed and frozen in seawater to ensure freshness and peak nutritional quality. Our Pacific Spot Prawns make a beautiful presentation in their vibrant red shells, and are perfect for entertaining.

How To Clean Spot Prawns



  • 1 tray Vital Choice wild spot prawns (16 ounces)


  1. Pat thawed prawns dry with a paper towel.
  2. Use kitchen shears to cut up the back of the shell.
  3. Be careful when peeling - spot prawns have a sharp "talon" at the end and the shell edges can also be sharp. Chef's tip: Squeeze where the eyes are (two dark spots at the top) and it will be easier to pull the tail off.
  4. Next, take a knife and slice along the back of the prawn. Devein by removing the dark line down the back - this is the prawn's digestive system.