1. Bison Burgers - 4 Patties
Bison Burgers   4 Patties
Bison Burgers - 4 Patties
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  • 2 packages bison burger patties, 1 lb (453g) per package, 4 patties total
  • Net Weight: 2 lb


Create gourmet hamburgers, patty melts, and burger bowls with convenient patties made from 80% lean ground bison. Raised on North American family ranches, our bison comes from herds that graze on the open range and are never given antibiotics or growth hormones. Bison is said to have a sweeter, richer flavor than beef. Because it's so lean and lacks fat marbling, bison has a deep red color when raw, and care should be taken to not overcook it. Two patties per 16-ounce package.