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Wild Alaskan Halibut with Mushrooms and Asparagus

Wild Alaskan Halibut with Mushrooms and Asparagus

Today’s recipe features a signature vegetable of spring — asparagus — plus tasty morel mushrooms and hearty, flaky Alaskan halibut.

It comes to us from Chef Michael Cimarusti, who serves his award-winning cuisine at his restaurant Providence, located in the heart of Los Angeles, whose accolades include multiple James Beard Award nominations, “Top 50 Restaurants in the United States” by Gourmet magazine, “Best Seafood Restaurant” by Los Angeles magazine, and two highly coveted Michelin stars..

Chef Cimarusti is dedicated to procuring the finest sustainable seafood — from regional coasts and international waters — and treats those ingredients with uncompromising respect and sophisticated technique.

“First and foremost, what guides us here is sustainability,” Cimarusti says. “We use only wild-caught, sustainable products, mostly from American waters, and look to highlight their finest qualities.”

Wild Alaskan Halibut with Mushrooms and Asparagus
By Chef Michael Cimarusti
Prep time 30 minutes; Cook time 8 minutes
Serves 4


8 oz. fresh morel mushrooms*
6 oz. butter, divided
2 medium shallots, minced
1 lemon, halved (for juicing)
12 asparagus spears, trimmed, blanched, cut in 2-inch pieces
Kosher salt and Fresh ground pepper, to taste
3 Tablespoons organic extra-virgin olive oil
4 (4 to 6 oz. each) Alaskan Halibut fillet portions
2 to 3 Tablespoons chopped chives

*Substitute chanterelle, oyster, shitake, or Belton mushrooms for morels.


  1. Rinse the morels thoroughly in cold water, and quarter them, lengthwise. Place in a non-reactive saucepan with 4 ounces butter, shallots and a squeeze of lemon. Cover pan and cook slowly over medium-low heat while cooking halibut. Adjust seasonings, to taste, if needed.
  2. In a separate large pan, melt 2 oz. butter over medium heat until it begins to brown, about 3 minutes. Stir in asparagus and cook 3 minutes. Remove from heat; transfer asparagus to a bowl. Season with salt and pepper; keep warm. Wipe pan clean.
  3. Pat halibut dry with paper towels; discard towels. Season with salt and pepper. Warm the pan over medium-high heat; add olive oil. When oil is hot, carefully add halibut. Cook until fish is browned and opaque throughout.
  4. To serve, divide mushrooms among four warmed bowls. Top with halibut, spoon mushroom sauce over. Add asparagus around; sprinkle with chives.
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