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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Which products offer the best value?
Our best values are our larger package offerings. For example, most of our frozen seafood products are available in 6-, 12- or 24-portion packs, and the price per pound drops as the pack size increases. The price per pound will be lower if you order a 12-portion pack instead of two 6-portion packs, or a 24-portion pack instead of four 6-portions packs.
If you are unable to accommodate the larger packs in your freezer, we suggest you consider joining with a friend to share an order to achieve the lowest cost per pound, qualify for free shipping (if your order totals $99 or more), and minimize packaging and energy use.
As for specific products, our full cases of (24) cans and whole sockeye sides (available on our 'Canned' and 'Fresh-Frozen' pages) represent our best values.
We also routinely offer discounted bulk 5 pound packages of our various random-weight frozen salmon portions. When available, these can be found near our standard offerings as well as on our Special Offers page.