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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What do you mean by "wild and organic" blueberries?
Our blueberries are USDA Certified as Organic. Under the National Organic Program (administered through the USDA) there are very specific requirements for the certification of organic products. One of those many requirements is that no chemical pesticides or fertilizers can be used in the production of any organic crop. 

All growers and processors must be certified by the USDA that their products comply with this standard. Chemicals are used in the production of some "wild" blueberries; however, organic wild blueberries must come from wild areas that have been certified that no chemicals have been applied. Not only for the current harvest season, but the standard is that no chemicals can have been applied for the last three years to the area. This is to make certain that residual chemicals have had a chance to dissipate. 

Our supplier has large areas set aside for only organic production. These barrens and forested areas are registered with an organic certifying agent (USDA approved) and audit records are maintained ensuring productions are certified organic. This audit trail is checked annually by each USDA approved agent and by the USDA itself.