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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is the difference between your salmon oil and standard fish oils?

The fish oil in most mass-market brands comes from small "forage" fish like herring, sardines, anchovies, and menhaden.

These fish are typically rendered in a whole, uneviscerated state (i.e., organs and all).
In contrast, Vital Choice uses only 100% pure wild salmon oil, made exclusively from the heads of freshly harvested wild Alaskan sockeye. 

Processing occurs in a plant located only a few steps from where the fresh fish are offloaded, within hours of harvest.
In addition to being an unusually "green" practice, this approach also insures that any contaminants present in the body fat and entrails are kept out of the oil.
Note: Unlike Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil, some salmon oils labeled "wild" or "Alaskan" may contain only a small percentage of the advertised oils, combined with cheaper commodity oil rendered from other species, or from farmed salmon.
Pharmaceutical-grade purity
To ensure its purity, our wild salmon oil undergoes "molecular distillation" to remove contaminants such as mercury and PCBs.
Accordingly, Vital Choice Wild Salmon Oil meets all international standards for purity, as certified by the widely respected organization NSF.
Omega-3s in their natural form
Many, though not all, mass-market fish oils contain omega-3s in the "ethyl ester" or EE form.
To ensure optimal absorption, Vital Choice Wild Salmon Oil contains triglyceride-form omega-3s.
Most studies indicate that EE-form omega-3s they are not as well-absorbed as the "triglyceride" form found in wild seafood.
To read about the apparent advantages of triglyceride-form omega-3s versus EE-form omega-3s, see Natural Omega-3s Seen Superior to Standard Supplements, Whole Salmon Favored over Fish Oil Pills, and Salmon Beats Fish Oil for Absorption of Omega-3s.