When Vital Choice launched in 2001, it quickly became known for offering the five types of salmon caught in the pristine waters of Alaska. Over the years, it expanded its “catch,” reeling in cod, sablefish, halibut, and crab, to name a few.

The premium food brand continues to raise the bar by sourcing from not just Alaska’s, but the world’s best fisheries. Starting in March 2024, Vital Choice is beginning “Featured Catch,” a series that each month tells the story of a single fishery and how it brings you the highest quality fish, like cod from Alaska or Chilean sea bass near the Falkland Islands.

Featured catch with a person holding a salmon filet with lemon and herbs on a wooden board.
I’ll never get “board” eating Sockeye salmon, July’s featured catch.

Whether family-owned or in collaboration with indigenous people committed to environmental stewardship, these fisheries are renowned for blending traditional and modern fishing techniques. Their resilience against the elements is showcased in the challenging waters of all the way from the Bering Sea down to the Southern Ocean.  

Employing sustainable harvesting methods, these fisheries prioritize preserving the quality and integrity of their catch. Swift freezing, sometimes conducted right on board, ensures that you can savor the finest seafood on the planet. Not only do you enjoy exceptional taste, but you can also take pride in knowing that your choice aligns with responsible and environmentally conscious practices.

From ocean to port to right to your plate, without these fisheries, we’d be lost at sea.

2024 Featured Catch

featured catch alaska cod
March | Alaskan Cod
featured catch halibut
April | Alaskan Halibut
featured catch copper river
May | Copper River Salmon
featured catch king salmon plate
June / King Salmon
Featured catch with a slice of sockeye salmon on a plate.
July / Sockeye Salmon
featured catch chilean sea bass plate
August | Chilean Sea Bass
featured catch sablefish black cod
September | Sablefish (Black Cod)
featured catch coho salmon baguette
October | Coho Salmon
featured catch crab legs
November | Crab: Golden King, Dungeness
Featured catch with a slice of king salmon on a plate.
December | King Salmon

Photos courtesy of Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.

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