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Vital Choice Fish Feeds CIA-Harvard Culinary Conference
Contact: Erin Knapp
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(NOTE: We repeated our Gold Level sponsorship in 2009 ... an event to which the following description applies as well.)

BELLINGHAM, WA. April 27, 2008. 
Earlier this month, doctors and food-service folks dined on Vital Choice seafood while learning to improve patients’ and customers’ diets.

Vital Choice co-founders Randy Hartnell and David Hamburg attended a pioneering conference presented by The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and Harvard Medical School at the CIA’s Greystone Napa Valley campus in St. Helena, California.

As a Gold Level conference sponsor, Vital Choice provided organic snacks plus premium wild Pacific seafood – fresh-frozen, top-grade King Salmon, Halibut, Albacore, Scallops, and canned Sockeye Salmon – to conference chefs and attendees.
The bi-annual spring/fall conference began in 2007 and is intended to bring doctors, nutrition researchers, and chefs together to share information that will improve American’s health.

“Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives” drew 300 or so physicians and health professionals, who came to be immersed in the science and art of designing nutrition-savvy diets … and to learn how to cook tasty, affordable, healthful meals in short order.

The attendees also included executives who decide what gets served at chain restaurants, hospitals, schools, retirement communities, nursing homes and military bases.

According to co-founder and former Alaska fisherman Randy Hartnell , “It was a real thrill to see the attendees enjoying our premium wild fish and shellfish as prepared by expert CIA chefs.”

He went on to highlight a big difference between the CIA-Harvard gathering and most events he attends: “All too often, the fish we’ve brought to other large gatherings has been overcooked by overstretched hotel kitchens. So we were gratified by the elegant, exciting, delicious settings in which the CIA chefs enhanced our seafood’s natural appeal.”

Why bring docs and chefs together?
Conference attendees were exposed to the latest nutrition science, but they also tasted, prepared and learned to teach others to enjoy a broad selection of foods that can reduce disease risk and, ideally, replace unhealthy habits.

The organizers express the goal of the semi-annual conference as an effort to “… transform attendees into ambassadors for and role models of healthy nutritional strategic change ...” (CIA 2008)

Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives” (HKHL) resembles the Nutrition & Health conference presented annually by Dr. Andrew Weil’s Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, which Mr. Hartnell and others attended after leaving the CIA-Harvard sessions.

One key difference between these two health-nutrition conferences is that that the CIA-Harvard event offers hands-on cooking and meal planning advice, in the form of demonstrations and seminars.

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