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“Picky Eater” Columnist Praises Vital Choice Canned Tuna
Contact: Erin Knapp
(360) 603-9456 ext. 121

BELLINGHAM, WA. October 7, 2008. Syndicated San Francisco bay area food writer Jolene Thym praised our Tuna highly in a recent column.

Ms. Thym wondered what TV cooks and cookbook authors mean when they advise making Salad Nicoise with “good quality” canned tuna, since supermarket tuna is pretty much the same from brand to brand.

But as she wrote, “This week, when I pulled open a tiny, 3.75-ounce can of Vital Choice Tuna, I realized that at long last I had found it! Inside the tin was a chunk of utterly white fish bathed in just a touch of olive oil.”

Ms. Thym detailed the difference she found: “It was tuna, but it had not a trace of that inferior dark meat, and it smelled more like fresh cooked fish than the canned tuna I've been eating for decades. I knew instantly that this tuna was Salad Nicoise-worthy.”

There are several reasons why our troll-caught, minimal-mercury Albacore Tuna is superior to standard brands.

Superior quality to start
Tender Vital Choice albacore tuna is sustainably troll-caught by our neighbor Paul Hill and is quickly flash-frozen on his small boat to preserve it at the peak of freshness. 

For more about our troll-caught albacore tuna, which comes from a certified-sustainable fishery, click here.

Careful handling for optimal flavor and omega-3 content
National brands are cooked twice before and after canning to cut processing costs. This practice degrades flavor, texture, and omega-3 content.

In contrast, our canned albacore tuna is cooked only once (in the can) to preserve its fresh flavor, firm texture, and healthful omega-3s. A single 57g (1/2 oz) serving provides a whopping 1,575mg of omega-3 fatty acids.

Exceptional purity
We purchase only younger, smaller tuna* (14 lbs or less) to ensure tenderness and purity. 

Predatory fish such as tuna accumulate mercury over time. Tests by an independent
laboratory show that smaller, younger Vital Choice albacore average substantially
less mercury than its older, larger counterparts, which dominate the fresh and canned Tuna market:

  • Less mercury (average of 0.25 ppm) than average albacore (0.34 ppm).

For mercury data by species, including data for Vital Choice fish, click here.

*To learn why our decision to pick smaller, purer Pacific albacore does not threaten sustainability, click here.

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