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Vital Information for Pregnant and Nursing Women

The omega-3s and vitamin D that abound only in fish and seafood are important to everyone ... and they're essential for ensuring healthy pregnancies, babies, and children.

In fact, we named our company Vital Choice in part because of the profound importance of the nutrients in wild salmon and other seafood for pregnant and nursing women and their children.

After all, what choice could be more vital than one that impacts the health of a child?

Unfortunately, as numerous studies show, many mothers and infants don't get enough omega-3s or vitamin D. Read on, to learn more about the importance of omega-3s and the safety of seafood for mothers and babies.

And consider our Mom & Baby Packs and Student Packs – created at the request of Christiane Northrup, M.D. – for the moms and children in your life!

Omega-3s: Essential to child development

To ensure optimal development of her baby's eyes, brain, and immune system, an expectant mother needs ample amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D during pregnancy and nursing.

Pure wild seafood – especially fatty fish like sardines, mackerel, tuna, and wild salmon or sablefish – are superior sources of omega-3s and vitamin D alike.

To learn more about the developmental benefits of seafood, we highly recommend the Prairie Public Broadcasting documentary, Fish, Mercury & Nutrition: The Net Effects, which conveys the latest findings and feature the leading scientific experts on these subjects.

To read about research relevant to child and maternal health, browse the Omega-3s & Child Development, Mercury Issues, and Omega-3s & Women's Health sections of our News Archive. To keep up to date, subscribe to our free Vital Choices newsletter.

You will find even more information in the section below, titled "Nutrition in Child Development: Vital Readings".

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Seafood is safe & beneficial for mothers and children

Parents are naturally concerned about the risks of mercury in seafood. Fortunately, recent scientific findings confirm that the rewards of eating fish far outweigh the virtually non-existent risks.

In fact, the best available evidence shows that pregnant and nursing women who eat no more fish than U.S. agencies (EPA and FDA) recommend may hinder optimal brain and visual development in their children.

A series of such findings culminated in a landmark 2007 study published in the leading journal Lancet, whose authors came to a comforting conclusion:

"The dangers of fish-eating in pregnancy have been misrepresented and are misleading and are not based on any evidence of harm." (Lancet 2007; 369:537-8)

The children of mothers who ate more seafood than U.S. EPA and FDA recommend for pregnant women had higher IQs, better social skills, and were more communicative and physically accomplished.

And lack of omega-3s can pose real risks to future brain performance and mental health:

"Early developmental deficiencies in [omega-3] DHA and EPA may lower serotonin levels at critical periods of neurodevelopment and may result in a cascade of suboptimal development of neurotransmitter systems ..." – NIH clinical psychiatrist Joseph R. Hibbeln, M.D. (Hibbeln JR et al. Int Rev Psychiatry, April 2006)

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Nutrition in Child Development: Vital Readings

We selected this small sample from a large body of literature on the subject of omega-3s and child development.

The Omega-3 Connection
A beautifully written passage on fetal development by Harvard's Andrew Stoll, M.D.

Maternal Fish Diet Boosts Baby's Language Learning
"Women who ate fish regularly during pregnancy had children with better language and communication skills by the age of 18 months, shows a new study, which supports previous evidence that fatty aids found in the food boost children's neurological development."

Maternal seafood consumption in pregnancy and neurodevelopmental outcomes in childhood
"...Maternal seafood consumption of less than 340 g per week in pregnancy did not protect children from adverse outcomes; rather, we recorded beneficial effects on child development with maternal seafood intakes of more than 340 g per week, suggesting that advice to limit seafood consumption could actually be detrimental." (Hibbeln, et al, 2/2007)

Omega-3 Deficiencies in Neurodevelopment
"...Deficiency in long-chain essential fatty acids during critical periods of prenatal and childhood neurodevelopment may result in a residual predisposition towards aggressive and depressive behaviors, possibly by impairing neuronal migration, connectivity, timed apoptosis [programmed cell death], and dendritic arborization [brain development], such that there is an irreversible disruption in the neuronal pathways that regulate behavior." (Hibbeln, et al, 4/2006)

The Omega 3 Story:
Nutritional Prevention of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

Technical but fascinating research paper that should be required reading for anyone considering having a baby. Click link to download article.

Essential Fatty Acids in Mothers and their Neonates
DHA and other Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (LCPUFAs) are fetal 'building blocks' whose availability is dependent upon their abundance in the maternal diet.

Omega 3s and Infant Retinal Development
Importance of omega-3 fatty acids in fetal retinal development – Dr. Martha Neuringer

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Our Healthy Mom & Baby Packs

Vital Choice is recommended by the country's leading authorities on maternal nutrition, including "America's Baby Doctor", Dr. William Sears.

Did you know that the majority of pregnant women in America don't consume enough omega-3 fatty acids to ensure optimal child development ... or personal health?

Our Healthy Mom & Baby Packs provide several meals a week of safe, omega-3-rich wild Alaska Salmon.

We are delighted to have teamed up with Christiane Northrup, M.D. – the internationally recognized authority on women’s health – to create these convenient combination packages, which make great gifts for homebound new mothers, since we deliver right to their door. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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