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Organic Wild Blueberries 1 lb bags, individually quick-frozen

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"Delicious Blueberries" Richard on 11/7/2019 3:18 PM Rating:
Review: Ordered and received frozen organic blueberries and they are fantastic. Excellent quality and flavor, arrived fast and still frozen. Was very happy with the order and shipping, I will definitely be a returning customer!

"Delicious!" Sarah on 10/13/2019 7:37 PM Rating:
Review: These blueberries taste just like the blueberries on the North Shore in Minnesota! Delicious and nutritious! The smaller the berries, the better. The huge ones from the grocery store do not even come close in flavor.

"Blueberries" Carolyn on 8/25/2019 6:37 PM Rating:
Review: These blueberries are always delicious. Never disappointed.

"Not that plump" Wendy Savino on 3/10/2019 4:11 PM Rating:
Review: these blueberries are just okay. I buy them because they are organic and not in season here. They are not as plump as some other brands.

"Pricey but nice" DT on 1/2/2019 3:52 PM Rating:
Review: Excellent, succulent, small wild blueberries, NOT like the ones pictured. Perfect for health conscious smoothie drinkers.

"The Best" Lisa H on 7/3/2018 10:11 AM Rating:
Review: I cannot ever be without these in my freezer. I use in smoothies, and baking. The best.

"blueberry" Jen Y on 6/21/2018 6:10 AM Rating:
Review: excellent

"Excellent" Kara on 6/15/2018 5:09 PM Rating:
Review: Packaging of product is first rate. The quality of the blueberries is consistently good. Pricey, but cannot find WILD blueberries just anywhere.

"Great Blueberries" Steven J on 6/15/2018 4:45 AM Rating:
Review: Best blueberries we ever ate. Great in oatmeal, cereal and yogurt.

"organic wild blueberries" JoEllen K on 6/8/2018 3:45 AM Rating:
Review: I've never had a blueberry taste this way. All the flavor and the sweet flavor of the blueberry seemed to have bled out of the berry as soon as they thawed. Then the inner part of the blueberry was without taste or flavor. - Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are sorry to hear your disappointment in this product. Our Customer Service Team will follow up with you regarding this order. Thank you, The Vital Choice Team

"Great taste" Steven J on 5/24/2018 2:08 AM Rating:
Review: We eat them on oat meal and cereal. Great taste. Would buy again.

"Wild Blueberries" Sue T on 5/11/2018 4:19 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent berries, worth every penny. I also like that they are packaged in paper rather than plastic.

"Organic Blueberries" Margie B on 5/10/2018 5:34 AM Rating:
Review: Awesome! We use blueberries in our breakfast protein shakes and weekend pancakes. It's easier to have them readily available in the freezer than trying to find them in the grocery store every week. And of course Organic is always best😉

"Great Wild Berries" Karen L H on 5/3/2018 7:55 AM Rating:
Review: Nice and sweet.

"Excellent!" Kristen P on 4/27/2018 4:51 AM Rating:
Review: Fantastic product!

"Love these with Quinoa" Renee on 3/17/2018 7:05 AM Rating:
Review: I love the taste and the fact that they thaw so easily since they are individually frozen. Great job,

"Customer" Sandra White on 3/15/2018 12:28 PM Rating:
Review: Love these blueberries

"Organic Wile Blueberries" E. John Buzza on 3/9/2018 8:28 AM Rating:
Review: These berries were very tiny and had no flavor. Way over priced for the quality of the product. Hello John, Our Customer Service Team will be contacting you shortly to discuss your order. Thank you.

"The best!" Sharon L on 3/4/2018 3:56 PM Rating:
Review: We have been ordering Vital Choice blueberries for years — they are wonderful. Have not bought fresh ever since we discovered them.

"Richard" Richard P on 2/16/2018 7:27 AM Rating:
Review: Super tasting blueberries, conveniently packaged.

"Wild Blueberries" Carol on 2/2/2018 7:43 AM Rating:
Review: Was concerned that these might not arrived frozen after 3 days but they were completely frozen. Such a difference in taste between the wild and the ones you buy in the grocery store. Small and sweet and love they are organic!

"Better than Best" Teresa F on 2/2/2018 7:21 AM Rating:
Review: These Blueberries make the Best Blueberry Pancakes, just fold in 1 cup of frozen blueberries right before cooking pancakes. Top with Maple Syrup for a healthy meal.

"Organic Wild Blueberries" Mary Ann G on 2/2/2018 4:28 AM Rating:
Review: These berries are delicious. I was surprised that when they defrosted they were not mushy, but in perfect, just picked condition. I am looking forward to ordering your other berry selections in the future.

"BLUE BERRYS" JON R on 2/1/2018 7:41 AM Rating:

"Breakfast wouldn't be the same without Blueberries" Judith S on 1/5/2018 12:16 PM Rating:
Review: Love these blueberries. Have them for breakfast in my oatmeal just about every day. Big plus: taste delicious and healthy too.

"Blueberry" Richi G on 12/18/2017 8:23 AM Rating:
Review: They are tasteless! Expensive and tasteless! - Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are sorry to hear your disappointment in this product. Our Customer Service Team will follow up with you regarding this order. Thank you, The Vital Choice Team

"Bluebberries" Karen on 12/17/2017 4:07 AM Rating:
Review: Love these blueberries. I eat them plain, added to smoothies, on salads.

"Excellent berries" Karen C on 12/15/2017 3:44 AM Rating:
Review: Best berries ever! Just Iike picking berries as a kid

"Blueberries" Diane M on 12/15/2017 3:40 AM Rating:
Review: We love these blueberries! And Vital Choice's customer service is awesome!

"Best Blueberries" Teresa Fulton on 10/21/2017 5:02 PM Rating:
Review: These are the best frozen blueberries that you can buy, and way better than fresh ones at the Grocery Store, these compare with the fresh ones picked off my blueberry bush.

"Organic Wild Blueberries" Juanita on 10/19/2017 12:54 PM Rating:
Review: The Organic Wild Blueberries are so delicious...they were carefully shipped in dry ice and arrived frozen. The taste is so pure and clean. Wild Blueberries are known to have a sky high level of antioxidants. I will be ordering more blueberries very soon. Thank you VitalChoice for providing such a nutritious product!

"Antiviral" Sam on 9/28/2017 8:07 AM Rating:
Review: Per my health reading, this product has antiviral properties to help your body combat the shingles and the Epstein-Barr (mono) virus. I use it it smoothies frequently. These blueberries are not the ones in the grocery store. They are smaller, darker and have much more flavor. I order them often. They always come frozen. I plan to continue to order indefinitely.

"Tender Berries" Joyce on 8/26/2017 5:25 AM Rating:
Review: Great flavor and skin is not tough like some organic berries. Wish organic blueberries were a tad smaller in size.

"Blueberries" Kerry B on 8/6/2017 2:43 PM Rating:
Review: Trying to get in 1-2 servings of blueberries a day since they are so good for you. Have studied that wild blueberries are so much better for you and higher in antioxidants. Just as they say, wild blueberries are much smaller than what you see in the store and are packed with more of a punch! I've been making drinks with these organic wild blueberries. Not anything fancy, just put in the frozen blueberries, water or almond milk, and a little Stevia if needed.

"Blueberries" Sue M on 7/22/2017 1:04 PM Rating:
Review: Please insure the source location online matches the product package. Online said Canada and package said USA. Either is fine. Confusing when different. - Thank you for your feedback. Our Website Team will adjust the information to show the correct country of origin. We appreciate your review! Thank you, The Vital Choice Team

"Best Blueberries short of justpicked!" Susan N on 7/22/2017 1:12 AM Rating:
Review: I love these berries. They are perfect. They are uniformly shaped and there are NEVER any to throw away. I mostly put then in my organic non-fat plain yogurt daily. Sometimes I make pancakes for my grandson👌 And they are available year round. Could not be more delicious or convenient.

"frozen Blueberry" Jen-Rong Yang on 6/29/2017 6:22 AM Rating:
Review: better than last shipping

"Blueberries" Jill on 6/26/2017 4:36 PM Rating:
Review: Delicious in my smoothies

"truly wild" Larisa L. on 6/23/2017 8:46 AM Rating:
Review: Berries are very small, more like huckleberries. Very flavorful. If using for baking, add at the very last minute. They thaw very quickly and stain the dough if taking out of the freezer early. The muffins I made the first time turn out very blue all over. It didn't affect the taste, only the appearance.

"yang" Jen-Rong on 6/17/2017 9:48 PM Rating:
Review: Should use styrofoam container instead of carton box for exterior packing. Blueberry packs were arrived soft even contain dry ice. Thank you for providing this feedback. We will contact you today.

"Very Good!" cathy on 6/15/2017 1:55 PM Rating:
Review: I like having organic blueberries whenever I want them. Hard to find a consistent supply in the grocery store.

"Blueberries" Thomas C on 5/14/2017 11:34 AM Rating:
Review: Great quality and taste. Hard to maintain flavor when berries are frozen but here are a cut above in both texture and flavor

"Blueberry" Karan B on 5/4/2017 6:24 PM Rating:
Review: As close to fresh as possible

"Blueberries,etc." tom p on 4/29/2017 7:15 PM Rating:
Review: The blueberries from Canada are excellent. I used to order several packs of all your berries for many years,but have concerns about the countries the others are from. Have you ever considered U.S grown berries?

"great tasting product" cathy on 4/29/2017 6:19 AM Rating:
Review: I like having blueberries available for me to eat every day. The grocery store doesn't always have organic blueberries in stock. They make a great addition to my kefir each day.

"Absolutely Delicious!" Theresa on 3/31/2017 8:41 PM Rating:
Review: I had finished my first order of wild blueberries and bought some regular organic blueberries locally and served them at my Sunday family dinner. My 6 yr. old Great grandson tasted them and announced, "I like the little ones better Grandmom". I respect his taste and opinion. I ordered 16 lbs. and they're going fast. Hopefully there will be some left when the family comes for dinner again in two weeks.

"Organic Wild Blueberries" Linda on 3/31/2017 4:31 AM Rating:
Review: Delicious

"blueberries" Jen-Rong on 3/16/2017 6:42 AM Rating:
Review: excellent

"Wild Organic Berries" Samuel J S on 3/10/2017 7:48 AM Rating:
Review: PURE GOODNESS, little morsels from God thru Vital Choice. Your company is the model for others to follow.

"Organic, Quality, Sweet, Wild Blueberries!" Joan on 3/10/2017 7:46 AM Rating:
Review: Vital Choice is our favorite place to buy organic high quality Wild Blueberries. They are firm, sweet, and very healthy. Perfect for our morning smoothies! We love Vital Choice for all our wild caught sea food and wild frozen Blueberries... the very best!

"Fresh and sweet" Cecelia on 3/5/2017 8:52 AM Rating:
Review: Knowing that blueberries provide nutritional benefits I use these in my breakfast shake. I have tried other blueberries...fresh and frozen...and these are by far the best and the price is very competitive.

"Dedicated Customer" Geni D on 3/4/2017 7:10 AM Rating:
Review: Have ordered from Vital Choice over 10 years and the blueberries are an everyday staple. Nothing compares to the flavor, consistency and quality

"Frozen Blueberries" Willie T on 2/24/2017 1:02 PM Rating:
Review: The blueberries taste and feel fresh. They are the best frozen blueberries that I have eaten.

"Absolutely THE best❤" Judy C on 2/19/2017 5:09 PM Rating:
Review: We love your frozen berries so much. You know you've opened an excellent product when a FROZEN bag of fruit emits such a flavorful and strong aroma. Just about everyday, we thaw out a cup full, add Greek yogurt and organic granola, oh, my goodness, not only does it taste so delicious, it does your guts good.😆

"the best!" robin on 2/19/2017 4:32 AM Rating:
Review: the best blueberries I have ever tasted.

"Best Blueberries" Joe D. on 2/17/2017 6:28 AM Rating:
Review: These blueberries are both wild & organic. So many other options are only one or the other. These are delivered fast and perfectly frozen.

"Wild Organic Blueberries" Sue S on 2/16/2017 10:32 AM Rating:
Review: I have purchased these delicious pump fresh blueberries for so many years. My grandchildren are in love with them also. In fact I won a Vital Choice contest using my grand girls & bags of blueberries in a photo. They are delightful!!!!

"Wild Blueberries" Craig D. on 2/10/2017 7:11 AM Rating:
Review: Best Tasting Wild Blueberries I've if they could only take PayPal for an additional level of online security...

"Blueberries" Lynette H on 2/4/2017 3:23 PM Rating:
Review: Small but fabulous taste. I love to put a handful into shakes and breakfast cereals.

"Wild Organic Blueberries" Sara Rogers on 2/2/2017 1:59 PM Rating:
Review: Delicious! Will recommend them to family and Friends!

"Tiny * Tasteless" Jean Walbridge on 1/26/2017 7:34 AM Rating:
Review: Giving these three stars only because they're organic. Because they are frozen, they lose taste. Also, they're teeny tiny. Will not reorder. Hello Jean, Thank you for choosing Vital Choice and for sharing your review. Our Customer Service Department will be contacting you shortly to discuss your order. Thank you, The Vital Choice Team

"Best Blueberries I've had!" David on 9/26/2016 11:10 PM Rating:
Review: This is the Wild Blueberries you're looking for! They're the smallest blueberries I've seen personally, but that is fantastic because that is how you know their pure & real wild organic blueberries!

"wild organic blueberries" Linda on 9/23/2016 4:51 AM Rating:
Review: I've been buying these blueberries for about a year now. Always arrive frozen and they are delicious. Wild blueberries have so much more antioxidants than regular blueberries and to find them with no pesticides, is why I keep coming back.

"Wonder Berries" Albert G L on 8/31/2016 10:07 PM Rating:
Review: Delicious, Nutritious, and Efficacious for your organism.

"Wonder Berries" Albert G L on 8/31/2016 10:06 PM Rating:
Review: Delicious, Nutritious, and Efficacious for your organism.

"Wild blueberries" Linda on 8/9/2016 4:37 AM Rating:
Review: I've been ordering these wild blueberries for around 7 months now. A friend thought he was doing me a favor last month and he bought me a few large bags of frozen wild blueberries from WholeFoods. They were ok, but they were not organic and definitely not as sweet as these berries. I cut corners with my purchases like everyone else, but not when it comes to my food. I'm a smart consumer and these wild blueberries are delicious. I get them shipped one a month and they have always arrived in great condition, frozen. If you don't know the benefits of wild blueberries please look into it. They are loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients our bodies need.

"Simply the best" Maria on 7/12/2016 9:35 AM Rating:
Review: By far, these are consistently the best wild blueberries we've ever tasted. The wild blueberries that we purchase at the grocery store simply do not come close to the quality and flavor of Vital Choice blueberries.

"So Good!!" Judy N on 6/21/2016 4:01 AM Rating:
Review: I'm so glad Vital Choice makes organic wild blueberries so readily available. I cannot find anything that compares locally. Wild blueberries are naturally smaller than cultivated ones, so there's no reason for disappointment in the size - it's just confirmation that they're wild, and they confer health benefits beyond what cultivated ones do.

"Great Blueberries!!" Rick R on 5/31/2016 6:14 AM Rating:
Review: The difference between these frozen blueberries and those I purchased at the grocery store is like night and day!! These actually taste like fresh blueberries!!! Service was great!! They were shipped with dry Ice and remained frozen.

"WOB" Ana S on 5/16/2016 4:30 PM Rating:
Review: This is my regular morning fruit (combined with organic oranges and honey)!

"Very tiny blueberries" Carole R on 5/16/2016 1:48 AM Rating:
Review: I like plumper blueberries...Disappointed as I was looking forward to these being delicious...sorry I will not be ordering these again - Thank you for ordering with Vital Choice. We are sorry to hear your disappointment in the Wild Organic Blueberries. Our Customer Service team will contact you to discuss. Thank you! Vital Choice

"Wild organic blueberries" Onelia D on 5/10/2016 4:33 AM Rating:
Review: delicious with your oatmeal, or cereal, to make a juice or smoothie in the morning, or eaten frozen as a dessert.

"Winner!!" Patricia Fitzpatrick on 4/28/2016 6:05 AM Rating:
Review: Perfect for shakes! Delicious!

"Excellent" Rhonda L on 4/20/2016 8:43 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent as always!!! Thanks. :)

"Fab Blueberries" Audrey Becerra on 4/19/2016 10:40 AM Rating:
Review: Have never been a blueberry fan ...until I ate these! These are the only blueberries I've eaten that aren't mushy and "meh" taste-wise. They are particularly enjoyable heaped on plain organic yogurt. So glad I "found" them!

"Bluberries" Nell on 4/11/2016 7:15 AM Rating:
Review: Delicious

"wild organic blueberries" Linda B on 3/22/2016 4:27 AM Rating:
Review: Delicious, convenient and delivered promptly. I'm ordering again

"Berrlicious" Pulte on 3/15/2016 4:29 PM Rating:
Review: These berries thaw in very little time and maintain there freshness everytime I have had them. Great in many recipes we've tried.

"The best frozen blueberries I have had" MLH on 3/14/2016 10:32 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent blueberries

"Delicious and Perfect!" FoodChartist on 2/23/2016 3:33 AM Rating:
Review: Berries arrived still totally frozen; the packaging and dry ice was impressive! They taste great, and are easy to use because the berries are not frozen together.

"Wild Blueberries" Catherine C on 2/22/2016 3:21 PM Rating:
Review: These are simply the best frozen blueberries ever! I love them!

"Wild Blueberries" Gary O on 2/16/2016 7:06 AM Rating:
Review: Superior in every way to cultivated blueberries. I use them, along with (locally-sourced) raspberries and cranberries to make chutney, which I enjoy, along with cheese, at breakfast, and sometimes supper. I suspect they would also be lovely eaten by the handful or with a spoon. The juice they produce in the chutney is dark and rich, and I suspect loaded with vitamin C, and lots of other good stuff.

"Wild Organic Blueberries" Paul F Stillwaggon on 2/15/2016 5:53 AM Rating:
Review: Eat them almost every morning.

"simply the best" Leslie on 1/25/2016 7:32 AM Rating:
Review: love the fact they're small and wild and organic; use them daily in smoothies.

"Wild Organic Blueberries" Kimberly F on 1/6/2016 7:04 AM Rating:
Review: The only blueberries we purchase, when not available in season. Perfect for our buckwheat pancakes!

"Absolutely Delicious" Judy S on 12/15/2015 11:55 AM Rating:
Review: I'd been looking for good quality Wild Organic Blueberries. I've found the best. I eat a cup every morning for my health. I notice the difference in how I feel after eating these blueberries for just a short time. These will always be my 1st choice.

"Blueberries" barbara Hinebaugh on 12/11/2015 9:01 AM Rating:
Review: Buy these often. They are great!

"Wild Organic Blueberries - The Best" Regina C on 12/10/2015 8:50 AM Rating:
Review: These are incredibly tasty and are good for you as well. They are excellent quality and keep well without clumping. I use them mostly on oatmeal and sometimes on ice cream or in a fruit bowl.

"Delicious" Lynn Fuentes on 12/10/2015 7:32 AM Rating:
Review: Best frozen berries around. As always, purchasing, shipping, etc. is a breeze.

"Wild Organic Blueberries" Dawn on 12/10/2015 7:17 AM Rating:
Review: These are the most amazing blueberries in the world! They're tiny, ultra fresh, and tasty! The berries are quick-freezed, and I've never discovered a bad berry in the 5 years I've been eating them! They are incredibly delicious; I thaw them, and there's no extra water in the packaging - just berries.

"full of flavor" Jeff on 11/25/2015 6:23 AM Rating:
Review: Ordered these because fresh blueberries are so expensive here in the winter and a popular national brand of frozen organic blueberries didn't have much flavor. These are so flavorful - I'll be ordering more! Thanks!

"Wild organic blueberries" Sue S on 11/18/2015 10:09 AM Rating:
Review: The best EVER!!! We have been purchasing them for years! They are my grandkids favorite snack,

"Wild Organic Blueberries" Lorraine M on 10/8/2015 6:37 AM Rating:
Review: My grandchildren love these blueberries! A couple of times, I had fresh blueberries in the house, but they wanted the Vital Choice wild organic blueberries.

"Great Blueberries" Tim H on 8/24/2015 11:12 AM Rating:
Review: Great product, excellent in smoothies.

"Best blueberries ever" PattyB on 4/16/2015 8:42 AM Rating:
Review: While fresh is usually best, these Canadian frozen blueberries have ten times the flavor of anything found in the grocery store. I have made blueberry pie and blueberry smoothies with the thawed blueberries and both have been delicious.

"Frozen Blueberries" Susan on 3/20/2015 3:49 PM Rating:
Review: I always try to keep Vital Choice frozen berries in the freezer. They are just the best and I have tried many other brands over time that are just not as good.

"blueberries" kathleen pagano on 3/19/2015 6:40 AM Rating:
Review: wonderful!

"DELICIOUS" Lorna on 3/1/2015 10:34 AM Rating:
Review: Fresh delicious!!!

"Never without these berries" Catherine on 2/12/2015 12:28 AM Rating:
Review: Best ever in quality , service delivery, and packaging.

"wow!" Jo Dominguez on 1/30/2015 1:20 PM Rating:
Review: These are the best blueberries ever.

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