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Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon 6 oz pouch, skinless/boneless

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Average Ratings:

"Great choice for easy meals" Lucky Lady on 1/8/2019 8:53 AM Rating:
Review: We have been ordering this for years! It is a great choice for adding to recipes and salads.

"LOVE Everything VitalChoice" Kathy S on 12/9/2018 10:23 AM Rating:
Review: I'm especially fond of VC salmon, tuna+sardines+HIGHLY recommend getting all your seafood from VC! I'd eat their seafood everyday if I could afford it, so anxiously await their specials+try to stock up.

"HiQuality Salmon+Tuna pouches" Kathy on 9/15/2018 10:23 AM Rating:
Review: Absolutely everything I've ordered from VC has been outstanding. Pouched salmon+tuna are great, go-to protein for quick meal prep. Both tuna+salmon taste fresh w/lots of meat+very little water.

"Review" Art Gehly on 6/3/2018 12:43 PM Rating:
Review: The flavor of salmon is lost in these pouches. It tastes like canned tuna. Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are sorry to hear your disappointment in this product. Our Customer Service Team will follow up with you regarding this order. Thank you, The Vital Choice Team

"Great for quick summer meals!" Helen B on 6/1/2018 4:24 AM Rating:
Review: I love having the 6 oz. package of Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon for easy summer meals when you don't want to heat the kitchen. It's a healthy way to use a bunch of greens, an avocado and the salmon.

"pouched Salmon" Francine S on 4/23/2018 11:22 AM Rating:
Review: More than half of the salmon is covered with a white film of fat, not appetizing looking. It was not like that in the past. - Thank you for ordering with Vital Choice. We are sorry to hear your disappointment in this product. Our Customer Service Team will be in touch with you today. Thank you, The Vital Choice Team

"Pouched Salmon" Mary C on 3/2/2018 6:27 AM Rating:
Review: I love the quality and the convenience of this product. It is simply delicious. It was also a good idea to have a smaller cardboard packaging which better fits the pouch and is more environmentally conscious.

"Excellent" Heather on 1/13/2018 4:19 PM Rating:
Review: We love having a quick and healthy meal courtesy of these salmon pouches! It is my go-to for my family of 6, a quick lunch for my husband or added to greens for a healthy salad for this busy mom!

"Great for adding to a salad!" L B on 10/8/2017 7:32 AM Rating:
Review: Buy these wonderful packs for use on a salad...delicious, packed well and good for you!

"Excellent" Michal D on 9/29/2017 11:45 AM Rating:
Review: I love the wonderful flavor and the convenience!

"valuable option." Wendell Hatfield on 8/12/2017 9:29 AM Rating:
Review: First rate red Sockeye - ideal for dishes using pasta and salmon, and for inclusion in luggage or backpacks for trips to fishing, boating, hiking or picnicking. .Delicious and versatile.

"Nurse Practitioner and Author" Pamela McDonald on 8/11/2017 3:51 PM Rating:
Review: These pouches - I use when I am traveling. It is very difficult to eat when you are on the go. I travel all over the world and I can tell you these pouches are a life saver for me. Most fish you can not trust today. This is why I buy Vital Choice. Always fresh, always wild always amazing. Thanks you Vital Choice for doing what you do. Pam McDonald The Apo E Gene Program - An integrative Medicine Program

"not what we expected" william evans on 8/3/2017 1:12 PM Rating:
Review: The pouch contained a lot of black fish parts and the taste was poor. We have been very happy with your frozen fish. Thank you for providing this feedback. A customer service agent will contact you today.

"Wild Sockeye Salmon in pouch" Gabriele on 3/27/2017 12:42 PM Rating:
Review: This is my "go to" for omega 3 nutrition!!! Much better than taking a capsule, its real food!! It is easy to prepare and totally delicious as a salmon salad or to make salmon burgers with. To get the most value for my $ I buy the 6 oz 24 pack, lasts me 8+ months. Can't beat that!!!

"Wild about "Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon"" Debby on 3/23/2017 1:48 PM Rating:
Review: My husband loves the salmon pouches, I often pack one for his lunch. They are convenient and heart healthy.

"Wonderful" Victoria Wikle on 3/18/2017 11:58 AM Rating:
Review: Second time I have placed order. This is a wonderful item to keep in the pantry. Meal prep is easy. I make salmon pasta, sandwiches, and salads pus serve unadorned as protein for some meals. NO PBA from cans. I also give packages as very welcomed gifts.

"Great fish" Terry H on 3/12/2017 5:45 AM Rating:
Review: I am never disappointed with the quality of the fish nor the smooth process that Vital Choice uses to promptly get the fish to me. Truly great. Thanks again!

"best "canned: salmon" Wendell H on 1/24/2017 1:28 PM Rating:
Review: superior salmon for cooking - salmon patties, salmon pasta, salads, and appetizers. fresh, bright, clean, captivaing flavor. d appetizers. A real resource.

"SODIUM!!!!!!!!!" Mary Trachtenberg on 1/22/2017 2:43 PM Rating:
Review: This is delicious salmon and I LOVE the pouches instead of cans. BUT the sodium is so high that it is not good for anyone watching their sodium intake. I had been serving this to my dog....and now I realize i can never do that again. Way, way, way too much salt. I am very very disappointed. what will I do with all the salmon I bought?? Hello Mary, Thank you for sharing your Product review today. Our Customer Service Team would like to reach out to your shortly to discuss your order. The Vital Choice Team

"The Absolute Best" Kevin From Waukegan on 12/19/2016 1:04 PM Rating:
Review: I have loved salmon since I was a kid and would have to say this is the absolute best packaged salmon I have ever had. The flavor is rich and the salmon has a nice flaky and moist texture. I normally purchase the 6 ounce pouch which I like a little better than the can.

"A bit disappointing at times" Laura Barber on 11/12/2016 8:12 PM Rating:
Review: We love the taste and texture of the pouched salmon and use it on salads. That said, initially when we first ordered it they were formed fish filets but as we have ordered recently the fish is very thin and falls apart. Good for us but wouldn't serve to company as it looks like mashed salmon. Hello Laura, Thank you for choosing Vital Choice. Our Customer Service Team would like to reach out to you shortly to discuss your order. The Vital Choice Team

"Salmon Pouched" Dr Keith Garb on 9/18/2016 7:24 AM Rating:
Review: My daughter in college finds it difficult to get to a store that has fresh fish, so your salmon pouch is a great solution, she really likes the taste of the fish too.

"Good Fish" Nancy M on 9/16/2016 11:20 AM Rating:
Review: This is the cleanest and best tasting fish I have ever eaten from the pouch. I love that you get the same omega benefits ready to eat for a lot less cost.

"Alaskan Sockeye Salmon 6 oz pouch" Michelle on 9/11/2016 3:33 PM Rating:
Review: Great product . I make veggie ,quinoa salmon patties with this product.

"Really good stuff" Mary M on 9/4/2016 3:44 AM Rating:
Review: Vital Choice salmon canned and pouched is the best quality I've found. The pouches are super convenient to have on hand. They travel well for picnic lunches on road trips. I open up the top and make salmon salad spread right in the pouch for a faster than fast food lunch. Highly recommend.

"Wild Alaskan Sockye Salmon in a pouch" Elisa on 8/23/2016 4:49 AM Rating:
Review: The best. I make a lemon vinaigrette with Kalamata olives, ad butter lettuce for a wonderful healthy salad.

"Tastes good; is Wholesome" R Don Freeman on 8/16/2016 11:45 PM Rating:
Review: Title says it all

"Hard and flattened pouch Salmon" Nicole W on 7/19/2016 9:07 AM Rating:
Review: Disappointing. Unfortunately, it is very compressed, hard and flat, inside the pouches. There is a fishy odor that does not smell fresh. It is very chewy. Not sure if it's condition and quality issue occurred in transport (excessive heat and/or pressure) or if it is normally that way. - Thank you for ordering with Vital Choice. We are sorry to hear your disappointment in the Pouched Sockeye Salmon. Our Customer Service Team will reach out to you today to discuss. Thank you, Vital Choice

"Travel Packs?" Eugenie W on 5/31/2016 7:45 AM Rating:
Review: I love these packs of salmon! I opened the first one and was surprised at the burst of flavour I received with my first bite! I don't think I'll be confining these to just picnics or travelling; they are so handy for a quick salad and so rich in omega 3's These are not your usual tinny type of canned fish; these are delicious and nutritious and thoroughly enjoyable.

"Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon" Ellen R on 5/24/2016 10:35 AM Rating:
Review: I love it for salads. I am very disappointed I can't get the 3 oz. It was perfect to put on my salad. I waited a long time then ordered the larger one. I like it also because it has a good shelf life for emergency food. - Thank you for ordering with Vital Choice. We are happy to hear you enjoy the pouched Salmon! The smaller size is returning in a few weeks. We will email you as soon as it returns! Thank you! Vital Choice.

"Love This Product" Mary C on 5/24/2016 4:45 AM Rating:
Review: The pouched salmon is delicious, convenient, healthy and easy to travel with.

"Very good" Lucy on 5/3/2016 6:35 AM Rating:
Review: The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is that I found the flat packaging difficult to get the salmon out of it. otherwise the salmon was moist and fresh.

"Moist, Great-Tasting Salmon" Chris Durkee on 3/11/2016 2:04 PM Rating:
Review: My husband and I both love the flavor and consistency of this pouched salmon. It makes a great quick main dish when we are on the road or even at home. It's just the right amount for the two of us to share. We also like the fact that the expiration date is so far out. Living in a motorhome full-time, storage of quality food becomes very important.

"Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon" Natalie NP on 2/23/2016 8:49 AM Rating:
Review: Great product, however will not reorder again due to Whole Foods has similar top quality wild Alaskan salmon for half the price.

"Great on salads" Laura on 2/16/2016 6:40 AM Rating:
Review: I rated this a 4 because the last time we purchased this, the salmon was all in pieces! the first time it was in a filet form. Pieces made it more difficult to manage when applying to a salad without the broth it was contained in. The fish itself is very tasty...sure hope this is a better batch.

"Awesome Salmon Salad" Gayle on 12/12/2015 12:23 AM Rating:
Review: These packets are great with a little avocado oil mayo and honey (maybe a little celery or dill pickle) for a great salmon salad lunch. Quick and easy, healthy and delicious!

"special" Wendell H on 11/1/2015 8:22 AM Rating:
Review: This versatile salmon is beautifully prepared, cooked and packaged. It is ideal for use in pastas, patties,, croquettes, dips, and sandwiches. Flavor is superb.

"Good tasting; could it be lower salt?" R Don Freeman on 9/2/2015 10:27 PM Rating:
Review: It has good taste and a firm texture. It is also lower cost/oz. than the only real competitor (Sea Bear) I know of. However that competitor does manage to also have good taste and firm texture with significantly less salt.

"A staple in my larder" Diana S on 8/7/2015 3:41 PM Rating:
Review: Any thing from Vital Choice is of the finest quality and purity and this easy to store and use salmon is excellent. I am never without an ample stock.

"Delicious & Convenient" Cindy S on 4/30/2015 1:52 PM Rating:
Review: I purchased the 3 oz packet, loved it, so I came back to buy more of both the 3 & 6 oz sizes. This pouched wild salmon tastes very fresh, delicious on its own, in a salad or substitute for tuna for a tasty, healthy change of pace. Also, so convenient to take camping, on road trips, etc.

"Recent customer" Linda on 4/9/2015 6:47 PM Rating:
Review: Excellent tast and quality with only 9% sodium in 1/3 cup which makes it healthier than the 3 oz package with higher sodium levels.

"wild sockeye salmon" Janet Cameron on 3/28/2015 1:10 AM Rating:
Review: Love this salmon. I use it to make salmon cakes

"Good tasting and good for you." R Don Freeman on 1/22/2015 10:11 PM Rating:
Review: Not much more to add to the review title.

"ann whiting" ann on 1/17/2015 7:30 PM Rating:
Review: i found the pouch salmon to be way to salty and wonder if anyone else thought that.when i compare it to the tune in the pouch it is very different.i wonder what it means to have a pinch of sea salt. - Customer Service Response "Thank you for ordering with Vital Choice. We appreciate you taking the time to review your recent order. We are sorry to hear of your disappointment in the Pouched Sockeye Salmon. We try to be as informative as possible with the sodium content of our product and do have it posted on our website. As always your satisfaction is our guarantee you can return any of the remaining pouches to our warehouse for a full refund. I have emailed you the return information separately. Thank you, Vital Choice Customer Service Team"

"Salmon pouches" C R Costello on 1/1/2015 8:05 PM Rating:
Review: Delicious!

"Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Skinless Boneless" Mary Craden on 12/14/2014 8:12 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent product. It is absolutely delicious and I will share with friends so they can be aware of this company and its products as well.

"The Best" Kevin on 12/11/2014 2:40 PM Rating:
Review: This is the absolute best tasting canned / pouched salmon on the market. I only wish there was a salt free version sold in the pouch. I normally purchase the 24 pack which last me a while. The salmon is always very fresh and mixes into a salad very well. I absolute love this salmon. Vital Choice is the best.

"Better In The Pouch" James on 10/14/2014 3:22 PM Rating:
Review: I have tried both the can and the pouch sockeye salmon and there is a slight difference in taste between the two. I prefer the taste of the pouch as it seems to have a little more oil and flavor. I think this is the best salmon on the market. I will continue to purchase in the pouch.

"Pouched Salmon" Damon on 8/21/2014 8:35 AM Rating:
Review: Fantastic a bit expensive but You get what you pay for. Its the best!

"Tastes great" R Don Freeman on 8/10/2014 11:37 PM Rating:
Review: It is salmon good for you. It tastes great. (The only reason it does not get 5 stars is that it contains some added salt.)

"Best Salmon!!" Lisa Dremann on 8/7/2014 7:32 AM Rating:
Review: We love this salmon and have purchased a lot of it over the last couple years! It's so easy and convenient to have a healthy meal in no time. We normally use it on a large tossed salad it doesn't need any warming up or anything, it tastes great cold. Highly recommend it!!

"The best" Yigal Bander on 7/25/2014 9:36 AM Rating:
Review: Better than any canned salmon anywhere. Nothing needs to be added to it.

"Pouched sockeye" L Barber on 7/5/2014 7:54 PM Rating:
Review: This is a terrific option for salads, a sandwich or anything you might wish to add salmon to. It tastes exactly like smoked salmon and is very tender and moist.

"Absolute best!" Michelle Henry on 6/27/2014 3:41 AM Rating:
Review: All Vital Choice products are of the utmost quality and taste! I would REALLY like to see this salmon available in NO salt, though...

"Better Than The Can" James on 6/13/2014 5:18 PM Rating:
Review: The first thing I noticed when I opened the pouch is that the salmon had more oil than the salmon in the can. This was a good thing as there seemed to be better flavor. I will continue to purchase from Vital Choice and will always purchase the pouch in the future. Excellent quality salmon.

"AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS" nyc1 on 9/27/2013 4:14 AM Rating:
Review: Wish I could give this TEN STARS! I opened my first pouch of this delicious salmon last night to add to my dinner salad and was thrilled by the quality of what was inside. The salmon was tender, moist and soooo delicious. I will definitely be back for more. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

"Nutritious and convenient travel food!" Liz Flanagan on 9/19/2011 9:04 PM Rating:
Review: Vital Choice pouched sockeye salmon is a nutritious and hearty take-along food when traveling by plane, train, car, horse or foot. This sockeye salmon provides both healthy and delicious protein on these occasions. I have eaten this salmon straight from the bag while flying to Europe (bring a lemon or ask for a lemon slice from the flight attendant and add a squeeze!) and I've made sandwiches using gluten free bread and avocado (no refrigeration needed) when traveling by car or train and when staying in places without cooking facilities. It also goes in my backpack along with an avocado for hikes/rides in the Colorado mountains. These pouches are especially handy for those of us with gluten intolerance and/or food allergies as it can be difficult to find "safe" food while traveling. I only wish that this product came in 3 oz packages since 6 oz is too much for one meal and the salmon has to be eaten or refrigerated shortly after opening. But even if you consume only half the package, it's far better than risking unknown food. To sum it up, take Vital Choice pouched salmon with you anytime you need a high quality, delicious, heart-healthy, protein-packed food in a travel-safe pouch!

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