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Sockeye Salmon Poke Kit salmon & seasoning: four servings in 1 lb bag

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"Delicious" Adam D on 9/8/2019 6:36 PM Rating:
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Review: Excellent product. It's easy to prepare and it tastes great. Be aware that you need your own sesame oil, soy sauce, rice, and any other ingredients you wish to add on top of the seasoning (such as avocado and spring onion). I thought this would be a mediocre product, so I only bought one. I was wrong. The site claims it will feed 4, which I guess is true, but I think it is perfect for 3 people. I just ate it with two other people and we were all very impressed. Good stuff. Note: as other people have suggested, cut every piece of salmon in half, if not thirds.

"Fish was excellent" DG on 8/17/2018 3:03 PM Rating:
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Review: I loved the salmon. the seasoning was good. I only wish the 4 servings were separate. As a single person, it was difficult to cut the frozen fish in four pieces. I will buy again.

"The fish was great" EM on 8/6/2018 12:20 PM Rating:
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Review: I wasn't able to use the seasoning as I'm sensitive to onions - my fault that I didn't see that the packet had scallions in it. Disappointing because everything else in the seasoning sounds really tasty.

"Sashimi Poke" ROBYN on 4/29/2018 2:54 PM Rating:
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Review: Excellent Quick Appetizer or Meal. Great if your having guests over and want to impress by putting on some toast.

"Salmon Poke" Jeff C on 2/22/2018 7:18 PM Rating:
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Review: I recommend making the salmon poke chunks into smaller pieces that way you do on your tuna poke.The chunks are to big and I end up having to cut them into smaller pieces. The tuna poke is about the right size. - Thank you for your feedback. We will share your feedback with our team. All the Best, The Vital Choice Team

"First order" Cheryl K on 12/29/2017 12:39 PM Rating:
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Review: My son loves the Poke kit and with rice it's delicious thank you very much

"Poke bowl" KATE JENNER on 12/21/2017 5:31 AM Rating:
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Review: This is a real treat for me!

"LET'S EAT!" Jolita A on 12/7/2017 12:45 PM Rating:
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Review: Was going to order the Tuna poke as it's become a meal I crave, combining both amazing flavor and healthy ingredients, but just happened to find the Wild Salmon version now available. Glad I ordered 4 packages to start, as it's become my new favorite of all the outstanding products VC offers. Such a fresh, clean taste as if it just came out of the cold Pacific waters, and since my order came missing the seasoning packets (which Cust. Service then sent separately), I didn't even miss the blend of herbs VC uses in the flavor packet,, adding just a drizzle of soy aminos. Served it over apricot quinoa salad, with slices of avocado and sprinkled with pistachios. When the star of the bowl is this good, any sides - rice or chilled noodles - complement it.

"Perfect" Michael B on 11/30/2017 4:34 AM Rating:
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Review: Excellent not much i can say thats it. !!! Excellent 😃😃

"Sockeye Salmon Poke Kit" Carol on 10/22/2017 11:38 AM Rating:
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Review: I would give this a 10 if I could. Absolutely fabulous. Fresh, delicious, and incredibly healthy. I live in Atlanta and, at a good sushi restaurant, would pay $20 for a very small salad. The price is reasonably, the salmon is wild and fresh and I couldn't be happier!!!

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