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Rhodiola in Sockeye Salmon Oil 860mg softgels, 120 ct

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Average Ratings:

"High quality, but large" Linda on 10/6/2017 8:31 AM Rating:
Review: These are high quality and good dosage per softgel. However, I have trouble getting down large pills, so I wish these were half the size or even less. It would help if the description included a picture of the actual size of any supplement. Then, before I order, I could know what to expect and be able to assess whether it will work for me.

"adaptogenic" Jane M on 7/3/2017 2:56 PM Rating:
Review: Just started taking this supplement a week ago but I feel as though I am already noticing a difference in mood. I will continue to take this product. I think it's great!

"Another Great V/C Product! (but..)" Steve T on 6/16/2017 12:19 PM Rating:
Review: Another Great Product from Vital Choice!! But don't take so long to ship it to the East Coast!!! - Thank you for ordering with Vital Choice. We are sorry to hear your disappointment the time it takes for your orders to arrive. Our Customer Service Team will reach out to you to discuss the delivery options. Thank you, The Vital Choice Team

"rhodiola" Katherine P on 6/10/2017 11:17 AM Rating:
Review: a womderful product coming from the BEST source! thank you

"adatogenic for the brain" Charles H on 6/2/2017 8:13 AM Rating:
Review: works to clear that foggy feeling in your brain

"Great Quality" Stephanie P on 2/9/2016 10:46 AM Rating:
Review: I use for; strengthening the nervous system which fights depression & stress! It also increases my energy levels by not having to deal w stress.

"Energizing!" Lindsay on 12/7/2014 8:03 AM Rating:
Review: I definitely notice an increase in my energy, along with better brain function and improved mood, when I take this product! Combining the adaptogenic properties of Rhodiola with the anti-inflammatory and healing benefits of salmon oil is a wonderful idea, and I will continue to buy this product!

"My Fav Rhodiola Rosea" Adam on 6/12/2013 11:33 AM Rating:
Review: I love your Rhodiola rosea, any reason its not available in Amazon? It's a shame more people don't know about it, you should be on top of their rhodiola list.

"may cause elevated bp" anne w on 3/15/2013 5:43 AM Rating:
Review: This supplement has many beneficial qualities but I think it should be noted that this herb can also cause elevated blood pressure* in some individuals. Just as blood thinning in some is noted this bp elevation should probably also be emphasized especially considering the numbers of persons with borderline hypertension or for those currently taking anti-hypertensive drugs. For those with normal BP this is an excellent supplement.&nbsp;<div>*VITAL CHOICE COMMENT: Rhodiola's action (in cell studies) as an MAO inhibitor&nbsp;indicates that it can raise or lower blood pressure, but this effect in people is speculative. MAO inhibitors can raise blood pressure in people taking central nervous stimulants.</div>

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