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Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 fl oz bottle, cold-pressed

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Average Ratings:

"Good Olives!" Nancy on 1/24/2019 12:53 AM Rating:
Review: Just a great tasting light organic olive oil! It has a lovable, distinct olive taste although a bit pricey.

"Great tasting." Tduran on 2/10/2018 5:10 PM Rating:
Review: I love to buy the olive oil from Vital Choice. I love the taste.

"Excellent" Teresa F on 1/27/2018 4:10 AM Rating:
Review: It is the best I have found, excellent taste, I use it on toast, to fry eggs, sauté, to cook Chicken & Salmon.

"Olive oil" Karen W on 12/9/2017 4:22 AM Rating:
Review: Great olive oil will keep buying!!

"Wonderful olive oil" Judith on 12/2/2017 10:20 AM Rating:
Review: Outstanding organic,extra-virgin olive oil. Highly recommended!

"Orgasnic Extra-Virgin olive Oil" Mary Ann Frances Dowell on 11/10/2017 11:37 AM Rating:
Review: Best Tasting Olive Oil! My parents owned an Italian Deli in North Andover, Mass. during the 2nd World War. Having grown up on Olive Oil, being Italian, I know good tasting Virgin Olive Oil. I am fortunate to taste and eat it on foods, especially my daily Italian Salad for lunch!

" olive oil" r west on 10/29/2017 4:28 AM Rating:
Review: high quality, arrived 2 days after welcome box shipment as promised

"Best of the Best" Teresa F on 10/28/2017 6:27 AM Rating:
Review: I only use Olive Oils that Dr Oz recommends and this is the best of the best, I use it on everything because it taste so good.

"Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 fl oz Bottle" Regina Z on 7/7/2017 6:00 AM Rating:
Review: will continue to buy the very best

"Best tasting olive oil yet" Taller E on 6/10/2017 3:57 PM Rating:
Review: I have tried almost every brand of bottle sold on american store shelves that says "Olive Oil" and can say that this is the real deal. This goes great on basically anything and stays flavorful even when purchased then stored unopened in a dark place for 10 months. And it won't sting the throat like some other brands.

"organic extra virgin olive oil" janet on 3/27/2017 9:58 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent quality. I save this for salads and last-minute drizzling. The price is comparable to other high-quality olive oils.

"OIL" Suzanne Walker on 3/24/2017 9:51 PM Rating:
Review: Excellent oil, nice taste and flavor. Heart healthy.

"Olive oil" Diane Lewis on 3/18/2017 11:31 AM Rating:
Review: Wonderful tasting and organic

"Organic olive oil" Margot B on 3/12/2017 7:39 AM Rating:
Review: Smooth good color and flavor

"Extra Virgin Olive OIl" LouLou M on 2/22/2017 10:18 AM Rating:
Review: Delicous, it will be on my shopping list permanently, as well as the Spanish Balsamic Vinegar. Yum!!

"Delicious and healthy" Txgal on 2/18/2017 12:38 PM Rating:
Review: Love the olive oil from Spain and the canned albacore tuna! Both are delicious and good for us.We use them both in countless ways on our South Beach diet.

"Excellent oil." Nancy M on 1/7/2017 9:26 PM Rating:
Review: Great fruity taste and excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

"Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil" Andrea on 11/21/2016 10:32 AM Rating:
Review: Very nice, light, and neutral-flavored. Best I have found!

"Mmm" David on 9/26/2016 10:56 PM Rating:
Review: Best Olive Oil I have had!

"oil oil" Jen Y on 9/26/2016 9:28 AM Rating:
Review: excellent oil

"Tasty Olives" Nancy M on 9/16/2016 11:26 AM Rating:
Review: I have tried several different brands of organic extra virgin olive oil. This is the best tasting and finest texture of them all.

"olive oil" Charlote K on 8/30/2016 1:28 PM Rating:
Review: Great tasting, use it on many foods.

"olive oil" CHarlotte K on 8/4/2016 2:24 PM Rating:
Review: I depend on it now as I love the flavor and quality.

"Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil" Kathleen C on 6/7/2016 8:32 PM Rating:
Review: I've tried a lot of olive oils. This product is exquisite. I highly recommend it.

"Olive Oil" Carrie on 5/24/2016 9:27 AM Rating:
Review: Truly excellent Organic Olive oil. Better yet, I can trust it is what it says it is, not always easy to do in this world.

"OLIVE OIL" JEAN SCHWARZKOPF on 3/4/2016 5:14 PM Rating:

"extra virgin olive oil" Regina Z on 3/1/2016 5:30 AM Rating:
Review: the best its like liquid gold

"OVOO" JOANN O on 3/1/2016 2:30 AM Rating:

"Organic Extra Virgin Oil" Mary Ann F D on 2/29/2016 10:14 AM Rating:
Review: I simply enjoy the flavor, health value and taste of this Olive Oil. I am Italian, parents owned an Italian Deli in Mass., grew up on good olive oil. I give this brand as gifts, as well, use, almost every day myself! A True Winner" of a product!

"Olive Oil" Jen-Rong Y on 1/19/2016 8:56 PM Rating:
Review: excellent

"Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil" Kay on 11/18/2015 10:41 AM Rating:
Review: This oil is wonderful with a peppery taste and mixes well to make a delicious salad dressing.

"Olive Oil" Julie W on 9/11/2015 7:11 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent flavor and texture you can really tell the difference from the inexpensive brands

"Olive Oil" Cindy on 9/3/2015 6:18 AM Rating:
Review: Love this Olive Oil!!!

"Organic Extra Virgin Oil" Mary Ann Frances Dowell on 8/20/2015 1:13 PM Rating:
Review: My family owned an Italian Deli in North Andover, Mass., and my mother's sisters owned Italian Markets in Lawrence, Mass. My father's family owned an Italian resturant in Westerly Rhode, Island. Therefore, I grew up eating Organic Italian Olive Oil, on a daily basis. Vital Choice's Olive Oil is the "best tasting" I have been privledged to order and use, almost on a daily basis again. My family can tell the difference when I use another brand, so I try not to run out!

"Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil" Patricia W on 8/13/2015 5:02 AM Rating:
Review: Absolutely love this oil - wish it came in a larger size bottle.

"Best Tasting Olive Oil We've Found" Michael Womack on 10/18/2014 9:58 AM Rating:
Review: We have tried about every Olive Oil available and found VitalChoice's offering the best. Love it!

"Best Olive Oil" Joan on 10/16/2014 5:58 AM Rating:
Review: This olive oild is the best that I have tasted. It arrives boxed and is protected against light, which degrades olive oils purchased in the super market. I highly encourage customers to try this oil as it is fresh and delicious.

"Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil" Mary Ann Frances Dowell on 10/5/2014 11:43 AM Rating:
Review: My parents owned an Italian Deli, this is the finest and most healthy and delicious extra virgin oil I and my family have ever eaten. Please always make it available to customer's like me.

"Best EVOO" Theresa Rosario on 9/17/2014 7:21 AM Rating:
Review: It is the best tasting EVOO I have had in a very long time, thank you Vital Choice for making a healthy product I can trust.

"Vital Choice 100% Organic Extra Virgin Oil" Mary Ann Dowell on 8/14/2014 2:21 PM Rating:
Review: My parents own ed an Igtalian Deli in New England. I grew up on extra Virgin Oil. I have ordered your 100% Organic extra Virgin Oil for at least 10 years. No other Brand can come close to the flavor and goodness of this Olive Oil. At times, I give bottles for gifts, ordering 3 bottles at a time!

"olive oil" Charlotte Kerksiek on 6/2/2014 3:30 PM Rating:
Review: I love the mild taste and believe in the quality of your product.

"Vital Choice olive oil is the only one I would buy" Evelyn McKenney on 5/16/2014 6:54 AM Rating:
Review: Olive oil is extremely healthy for you, but you want the best of course. The one I buy over and over for years is Vital Choice organic extra virgin olive oil. It's cold pressed, first pressing and from the best sources As choosy as I am about the products I use, Vital Choice is just as choosy about the sources they select to sell us. You know they're the best.

"Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil" Organic Estra Virgin Olive Oil on 4/21/2014 1:33 PM Rating:
Review: There is no finer olive oil out there...period. I have spent a fortune on olive oils (both domestic and imported) and this oil by far is superior. The taste is the way I remember it when I lived in Europe as a teenager...It tastes like real olives and it has not been cut with any other oil. People rave about the olive oil and balsamic dressing I make from Vital choice. Keep up the good work. The middle class wants to be able to enjoy some of the truely finer things in life also! Try putting some fresh herbs in it and serving it with a hard crusted bread..OMG!

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