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Wild Mahi Mahi 6 oz portions, skinless/boneless

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Average Ratings:

"Wonderful" Robbie R on 4/14/2020 4:31 PM Rating:
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Review: Great fish! One way I really enjoy it, is beer battered for fish and chips.

"Best Mahi Mahi I’ve ever had!" A Fan on 3/20/2020 1:49 PM Rating:
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Review: I’ve tried frozen Mahi Mahi from multiple different grocery stores, but I decided to try the new Vital Choice Mahi Mahi, since I love their salmon. It was the best Mahi Mahi I’ve ever had! Very mild (no fishy taste at all) but still tastes fresh. Great texture, and this fish is so easy to cook. Even though it’s pricier than I can get in the store, it’s worth it to order from Vital Choice!!

"Delicious" ParrotMom on 3/15/2020 7:48 AM Rating:
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Review: Firm & flaky, almost meaty textured white fish, with a great flavor. We order mostly salmon; this mahi mahi is one of the few flavorful white fish that someone that likes fish to taste like fish might enjoy like we did.

"mahi mahi is good!" long time customer on 3/8/2020 11:02 AM Rating:
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Review: This stuff is good. Nice white fish with mild taste

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