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Wild Alaskan Halibut 6 oz portions, skinless/boneless

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Average Ratings:

"Excellent" Trish B on 2/3/2017 11:59 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent.

"Wild Alaskan Halibut" Amy L Harding on 2/2/2017 5:51 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent packaging and delivery Fish was firm, flavorful, and easy to prepare Really enjoyed it Will definite reorder

"Halibut" Maryanne Lyons on 1/13/2017 5:18 AM Rating:
Review: Perfect portion, easy to defrost and delicious to eat.

"Elegant Meal" Christine M on 12/30/2016 6:06 AM Rating:
Review: I shipped the halibut just in time for Christmas because I have been traveling too much for work and wanted to make something nice for my family. The fish was beautifully packaged and easy to defrost in one day. I used one of the recipes on this site and it was amazing!! We will definitely order again soon.

"Best Seafood Ordered" John on 12/27/2016 5:10 AM Rating:
Review: We've been a Vital Choice customer for years and we've tried a few other companies. Nothing compares with the quality and service we receive from Vital Choice!

"Tasty and Fabulous" Marilyn V on 12/17/2016 11:56 AM Rating:
Review: Although I have not tried this myself, I sent as a gift to a relative. They called and told me how much they enjoyed the halibut; the best they have tasted in a long time. I also sent them the salmon and scallops. They promised to let me know after they have tried them. I definitely will order again as a gift.

"Always fresh!" DL Farrell on 12/12/2016 10:39 AM Rating:
Review: Some of the best halibut we've had! Enjoy ordering from you knowing that you've caught it fresh, in Alaska and then packaged it well for shipping.

"Alaskin Halibut" Linda W on 11/25/2016 2:07 PM Rating:
Review: what a wonderful fish it was so delicious it is one of my favorets my first is the salmon

"Excellent quality, perfect portion" Maryann on 11/17/2016 6:36 AM Rating:
Review: What a delight to find delicious halibut in just the right portion. This top quality halibut sits in my freezer until I'm ready, allowing me the opportunity to eat healthily any time I wish. Great for a single serving or company. Thaw, cook... you have restaurant quality dinner.

"First Time Ive Tried Vital Choice Halibut - Fabulous!!!" Karen Berry on 11/11/2016 9:41 AM Rating:
Review: Vital Choice continues to amaze me. This Halibut is just perfect. King Salmon is still my favorite, but I need some good recipes for the Halibut. I think it would make beyond fabulous fish tacos.

"Halibut filets" Carol K on 11/3/2016 9:14 AM Rating:
Review: I thaw these as directed, in the fridge overnight then unwrap them to finish thawing in the fridge thru the day. I cook them many ways and cook till just before they are done, let them sit in the pan and rest while I fix the plate. Perfect every time. As moist and delicious as if they were never frozen. Better than any restaurant around.

"Wild Halibut" DC on 10/27/2016 4:49 AM Rating:
Review: My husband was reluctant to buy it, insisting that it would be better from the local fish store. We finally purchased it from Vital Choice and he is thrilled.

"Mr." Rod D on 10/21/2016 5:04 AM Rating:
Review: We have ordered the halibut several times. Each time we have enjoyed every bite!

"excellent!" Marjorie S on 10/9/2016 3:28 AM Rating:
Review: a repeat performer in our home

"Wild Alaskan Halibut" Jim W on 10/1/2016 2:53 AM Rating:
Review: Some of the best I have ever had. We tried it the first night it was shipped and I can't wait to have it again. Every product we have had from Vital Choice has been excellent.

"HAPPY" RHONDA E on 9/30/2016 3:39 AM Rating:

"We Like Fish" Margaret W on 8/29/2016 10:08 PM Rating:
Review: Delicious.

"Amazing halibut" Irene Arriola on 8/16/2016 6:40 AM Rating:
Review: As with everything else I order from VitalChoice, the fish was/is delicious. In a world of Frankenfish, your catalog provides me with an outstanding source of healthy seafood. Many thanks!

"Thawed" Susan Voge on 8/9/2016 3:15 AM Rating:
Review: My shipment came thawed, you must use more ice! My mom says the same thing,she has had 3 shipments that arrived the same. Her name is Joan Kwiatkowski. You are about too lose two important customers. We are sure that you have others with the same issues. Hello Susan, Thank you for choosing Vital Choice. Our Customer Service Team will be reaching out to you shortly to discuss your recent order.

"Perfect!" Susan on 8/2/2016 2:58 AM Rating:
Review: The halibut from Vital Choice is delicious! From, sweet and fresh.

"good halibut" Grace G on 7/19/2016 9:00 AM Rating:
Review: The Halibut is not fishy at all. Mild flavor. It was a bit dry, but I probably overcooked it. I sautéed it on the stove with olive oil, parsley, thyme, lemon & garlic. Next time I will use a recipe with more sauce & try baking it.

"Halibut" Sandra G on 7/11/2016 9:18 AM Rating:
Review: Vital Choice's fish is the best. I no longer purchase fish at local grocery stores. I just don't trust they tell the truth about their fish products. I've ordered Vital Choice's Salmon, Cod and now Halibut...all have been winners.

"Highest quality - Have never been disappointed" Judy L on 6/29/2016 2:04 AM Rating:
Review: We have been ordering this halibut for over a year, and have never been disappointed. I had recommended this to a friend who commented that there was no fishy smell. I hadn't thought about it before, but she's right. The fish from Vital Choice is so fresh there is no fishy smell. When I bought fish from the store a few years ago, I had to smother it in lemon to cover the smell. I haven't had to do this since buying the Vital Choice fish.

"Alaskan Halibut" Heloisa on 6/20/2016 6:38 AM Rating:
Review: Wonderful as well as the Sole

"Alaskan Halibut Skinless-Boneless" Francisco vazquez on 6/1/2016 5:15 AM Rating:
Review: Awesome,the best halibut a taste in my life....

"Clean, Fresh, Delicious!" Linda P on 5/12/2016 5:15 AM Rating:
Review: My two sons and I savored every bite. This Halibut was so fresh and clean tasting. Will be ordering more!

"Halibut" Rod D on 5/3/2016 4:48 AM Rating:
Review: Will be ordering more soon!

"HALIBUT" Linda C on 4/27/2016 10:34 AM Rating:
Review: This was our first experience with Vital Choice and we were 100% satisfied. Pleased! Fresh, firm, and excellent. We will be a regular!

"Best!!!" Barbara S on 4/26/2016 1:51 PM Rating:
Review: I love this Halibut. I buy several times a year. Always fresh and delicious.

"Halibut" Cheryl on 4/5/2016 4:54 AM Rating:
Review: I will never buy fish anywhere else but from vital choice! It's well worth the money you spend. The quality is superb.

"The freshest halibut ever" JOANNA on 4/4/2016 2:32 PM Rating:
Review: I buy halibut from Vital Choice a couple times a year (along with the salmon) and I have been doing so for over 6 years. This is by far the best place to buy fish. Never tastes "fishy" and come frozen and nicely packed. I would never buy from anyone else.

"Customer" Christine Vamvalis/Haley on 4/4/2016 8:46 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent as always

"Alaskan Halibut Skinless-Boneless 6 oz." Alice S on 3/29/2016 8:44 AM Rating:
Review: Always ends up as a very enjoyable dinner!

"Amazing!" Neda on 3/28/2016 9:14 AM Rating:
Review: I had ordered the variety box, which doesn't seem to be available now. However, I will say that this Halibut is truly amazing! I seriously can't stop eating it! It has a great flavor, texture and is quality! So I'm ordering these, because I really don't think there is a difference. Vital Choice has the best seafood!

"Alaskan halibut" Nancy on 3/1/2016 4:10 AM Rating:
Review: Absolutely delicious! Have to make a point of always having this on hand as fish is my protein of choice. Thank you for offering such a fresh tasting frozen fish!

"Fantastic!" Betty E on 2/24/2016 6:50 AM Rating:
Review: I have purchased the wild sockeye salmon and cod for a while and decided to try the halibut...wish I hadn't waited to try it! Delicious and so easy to prepare using recipes from the Vital Choice recipe list. If you haven't tried recipes from the website, Please Do! Every one we have tried is delicious and So Easy!

"Best Quality" Maria Mitchell on 2/5/2016 1:26 PM Rating:
Review: The Alaskan halibut is tasty and tender. Makes for a great meal.

"Alaskan Halibut Skinless-Boneless" Alice S on 1/18/2016 6:29 AM Rating:
Review: A favorite dinner item whether a meal alone or grateful relatives - specifically daughter and granddaughter.

"Excellent quality" T. Mosley on 1/6/2016 6:21 AM Rating:
Review: Great texture and flavor.

"Halibut 6 oz portions" Jean on 12/30/2015 6:53 AM Rating:
Review: These were the absolutely the best halibut I've ever bought! The portions were all very consistent which made it nice for the baking recipe I used. Received a lot very positive comments on the halibut!

"Halibut" Toni R on 12/24/2015 4:05 AM Rating:
Review: Tasted like we had just Caught them! Deliciousl

"Consistent high quality and really enjoy" David in FL on 12/20/2015 5:03 PM Rating:
Review: I have enjoyed having the halibut available and will continue to purchase from Vital Choice.

"Alaskan Halibut" Joan S on 12/18/2015 5:02 AM Rating:
Review: A wonderful surprise as this is our first order. Well packaged and very well shipped with ice. The fish arrived still frozen solid.

"Best Halibut anywhere!" Libby C on 12/10/2015 7:34 PM Rating:
Review: I am a non-meat eater so I eat a lot of fish and I'm extremely picky. I get nice halibut on the east coasting the summer but this halibut is so perfect because it's delicious and already pre-porioned. So easy to cook, be careful not to overcook because it's so much better if just cooked thru, a little salt & pepper and fresh herbs or your fave sauce. Really outstanding.

"Best halibut ever" Kathy on 11/19/2015 5:17 AM Rating:
Review: Love, love, love this halibut

"Halibut" Rick Bolton on 11/4/2015 7:55 AM Rating:
Review: The halibut fillets were absolutely the best ever!! We will certainly order more very soon!!

"HALIBUT" MARKH HELTON on 10/29/2015 2:40 PM Rating:

"halibut" johanna b on 10/21/2015 3:50 AM Rating:
Review: great product.

"REPLACEMENT" NEIL G on 10/1/2015 5:09 AM Rating:
Review: Our seafood arrived, having thawed some. It was probably still safe because it was in vacuum sealed packages, but it was soft. You replaced it without any additional cost, and we are happy with the frozen fish we received. Thanks for your great service!

"Halibut love" Jeffrey W on 9/18/2015 6:30 AM Rating:
Review: We loved the Halibut since the first time ordered. Can't stop ordering. :) Jeff

"excellent reliable quality" Jeff K on 9/2/2015 6:28 AM Rating:
Review: I have been purchasing the Alaskan Halibut for years and have always received the highest quality from Vital Choice. I sometimes hesitate to make recommendations to my friends, but I have recommended Vital Choice to my friends without reservation because I know they will be as happy with the quality as I am.

"Halibut" Richard W on 8/12/2015 8:00 AM Rating:
Review: Once again, beautiful filets I do have one idea for your consideration. Since we usually bake our halibut, a thicker 10 to 12oz piece would be a little better. - Customer Service Response "Hello Richard, We do now offer a 12 oz Halibut portion. I will send you the link to your email address on file. Thank you! The Vital Choice Team"

"quality" Mike D on 8/12/2015 4:26 AM Rating:
Review: What's not to like about Halibut. The portions arte a perfect size

"Customer" Dawn Winings on 8/7/2015 12:35 PM Rating:
Review: This is the yummiest Halibut! Love the portion size and the convenience.

"Fantastic Fish" Thomas Kottenstette on 7/31/2015 8:22 AM Rating:
Review: We purchased the 24-portion size of the Halibut which was the best value deal. Love this fish! It's flaky and has a delicate taste. We know it's healthy, caught in the best possible manner and the serving size is just right. It seems that no matter what type of frozen fish I get from the big box stores, it all smells "fishy" and that's a turnoff! We always try to have this on hand. Thanks so much for a wonderful product!

"Alaskan Halibut" Marianne Bloomfield on 4/25/2015 2:20 PM Rating:
Review: We recently ordered salmon fillets and halibut, and some king crab legs. We have tried the halibut and it is the BEST tasting fish we have had in a long time. Halibut is my very favorite but we have also enjoyed other items as well. I must also say how quickly our order came and how very well it was packed - still very frozen. We can't wait to order again, but must eat and enjoy what we have for now. No more room in our freezer!

"Divine" Grace Nardi on 4/23/2015 5:37 AM Rating:
Review: My husband doesn't eat fish, but your halibut is miraculously the only fish he eats. So it means that they are the best halibut ever or the best fish I should say.

"Awesome Halibut Fillets" Dennis Smith on 4/1/2015 8:09 AM Rating:
Review: Absolutely Fresh and absolutely delicious!

"Alaska in the Lower 48!" Sharon Herzer on 3/31/2015 12:36 PM Rating:
Review: Vital Choice's Alaskan Halibut makes you feel that Alaska has descended to the warmer 48! Always fresh and flaky! Ordering is easy and delivery quick!

"Alaskan Halibut Skinless-Boneless" Linda P on 3/30/2015 4:49 PM Rating:
Review: Fantastic!!! I looked through your website for an idea on cooking the halibut and ended up trying the horseradish crusted recipe ... wow, so yummy! Your seafood is hands down the best ever!

"Alaskan Halibut" Ronald Ferris on 3/26/2015 12:54 PM Rating:
Review: wish they were larger- say 8 ounce

"Halibut" Joe on 3/4/2015 7:23 AM Rating:
Review: This is the second time I order this fish and we love it.

"Excellent halibut" Judy Leach on 2/27/2015 11:19 PM Rating:
Review: We have been buying all of our seafood from Vital Choice, and wouldn't even consider getting it from the store. There is absolutely no comparison in quality. I have baked and grilled this halibut, and it is always moist, tender, and flaky. It is always so fresh and never has a fishy odor. We love it!

"Halibut" Eugenio Lumaque on 2/19/2015 4:34 PM Rating:
Review: Very good seafoods. Everything are great. More power to VitalChoice. Keep up a good work!

"Fabulous Dinner Party" Connie Abert on 2/19/2015 8:47 AM Rating:
Review: I had a dinner party for 36 people and served the Halibut with a Fennel Puree. Everyone commented on the delicious Halibut and they were all so impressed that we flew it in fresh from the Northwest. It is always consistent with freshness and timely delivery.

"Alaskan Halibut 6 oz" Margaret Boniarczyk on 2/5/2015 11:09 AM Rating:
Review: We are enjoying the Halibut very much. Hope we can get some Cheeks when they are in.

"Halibut" Dawn Budd on 1/15/2015 5:54 AM Rating:
Review: My husband is not a big salmon fan so I get him the Halibut. He loves the fresh taste and I can do so much with it .

"delicious!" Jon barnard on 1/14/2015 1:30 PM Rating:
Review: better than anything we can get in our local stores and we live in the Pacific NW!

"Halibut" Sandra Fouts on 1/14/2015 1:18 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent.......

"Halibut" Sandra Fouts on 1/7/2015 1:05 AM Rating:
Review: They were excellent

"excellent halibut" donnalaurie on 12/25/2014 5:09 PM Rating:
Review: we've ordered these for years. just an excellent flavor and freshness. love 'em!

"Halibut" Jill H on 12/17/2014 7:07 AM Rating:
Review: We LOVE this fish. It always tastes fresh, the proportions are good size and consistent, and we will continue to be a repeat customer of Vital Choice!!

"Exellent halibuts" Grace Nardi on 12/10/2014 8:33 AM Rating:
Review: Ever since I discovered these halibut portions, I can now rest that my husband is at last getting the benefits of eating fish, because he doesn't like any kind of fish. So I am happy and he is happy because he loves them, and one reason is that they don't taste fishy, they are flaky, and not mushy. They are truly delicious. Thank you, for making my husband eat fish :)

"Alaskan Halibut" Wallace O Raubenheimer on 12/10/2014 6:46 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent!

"Excellent" Claude Carrier on 11/30/2014 2:44 PM Rating:
Review: We live in the Province of Quebec and we order our fish from Vital Choice. That is the only place we feel safe to buy fish. And everything we buy is high quality and very good. Thank you

"Amazing Halibut" Dominique Hodgin on 11/13/2014 11:54 AM Rating:
Review: Great flavor! Easy to prepare. We have even used it in sushi roles! My kids love Vital Choice fish - quality makes a huge difference in flavor.

"Dream fish" Pina stocking on 11/6/2014 4:04 AM Rating:
Review: I could eat it every day, healthy and very easy and fast to cook.

"Mrs" Doris Denti on 10/8/2014 5:31 AM Rating:
Review: Absolutely delicious!

"halibut" Sharon coker on 9/24/2014 4:05 AM Rating:
Review: very dry and tough. very disappointed. fillet size was inconsistant - Customer Service says, the best cooking method for most types of seafood benefits from a delicate touch - lower temperatures and for shorter times than one might think - please view our cooking guidelines here: <a href="">Cooking Tips</a> or give us a call for some tips and insights at 800-608-4825

"It's the best!" Nancy Bleck on 9/11/2014 1:25 PM Rating:
Review: Halibut is our favorite fish and this is the best. I would recommend it to everyone that has a preference for white fish. It comes individually wrapped and ready to stick in the fridge. The 20 minute thawing method is easy so you don't have to remember to put it out the night before.

"alaskan halibut skinless-boneless portions" helene barab on 9/4/2014 1:28 PM Rating:
Review: fresh and delicious

"ALL SEAFOOD FROM VITAL" DENNIS on 8/27/2014 1:29 PM Rating:

"Alaskan Halibut Skinless- boneless" Rick Bartz on 8/20/2014 3:21 PM Rating:
Review: Once again succulently delicious. We Are totally happy with vital choice products. Everything alway comes perfectly packaged. My wife Linda always feels so comfortable when placing an order, like talking to a friend If we lived closer we would visit.

"My Favorite is Vital Choice Halibut 6 oz portions" Scott Lang on 7/31/2014 7:00 AM Rating:
Review: We love eating this delicious tasting fish. It is our favorite source of protein. Could eat it daily.

"Excellent!" Carol Auger on 7/24/2014 4:03 AM Rating:
Review: I have tried cooking fish over the years and have really only had success with Salmon. My family thought this Halibut was even better than the salmon. It will definitely become part of our recipe rotation! Can't wait to try other cooking methods.

"THE BEST MONEY CAN BUY" Allen jones on 7/17/2014 7:41 AM Rating:
Review: Been buying from Vital Choice for over 10 yrs Always the best!

"Alaskan Halibut" Karon Freeman on 7/16/2014 11:36 AM Rating:

"Gorgeous" Liz Rennick on 7/11/2014 8:21 AM Rating:
Review: My husband and I love the halibut from Vital Choice. It's always fresh-tasting and cooks perfectly. We cook it en papillote with lemon, thyme, white wine, olive oil, and touch of salt and pepper, topped with asparagus. It's always a delicious, light, and healthy meal.

"Alaskan Halibut skinless 6 oz portions" Charles F. Weiss on 7/4/2014 9:41 AM Rating:
Review: None better any source.

"HALIBUT" GERALDINE F KING on 7/4/2014 6:08 AM Rating:

"Sam" L Brockbank on 6/26/2014 10:44 AM Rating:
Review: The Alaskan Halibut is absolutely marvelous in flavor, texture, size and enjoyment. The flavor is light and on the sweet side and so very delightful!

"alaskan halibut" donnalaurie on 6/19/2014 4:23 PM Rating:
Review: Just superb flavor, tenderness. We LOVE these filets!

"Halibut" June Hertenstein on 6/14/2014 7:26 AM Rating:
Review: my review for this fish and all over products from Vital Choices will be the same: I grew up in Scotland ( some years ago) ate fish many times a week, some of the best in the world...Vital Choices is the first place in America that I know I can have that same quality again.,,Everything is Superb!!!

"mister" Esmond Druker on 5/7/2014 10:31 AM Rating:
Review: consistenly good

"Alaskan Halibut" Susan DaCorsi on 5/2/2014 1:19 PM Rating:
Review: Halibut is top quality, no fishy smell when package is opened and no fishy smell when cooking. Absolutely the best.

"Halibut Skinless portions" Grace Nardi on 4/2/2014 7:04 AM Rating:
Review: My husband doesn't eat fish at all, he dislikes the fishy taste, so I always tried to give him some white fish and prepare it with some butter and wine cream, but with this halibut he can eat it practically without any additional flavors. So I can say that is the best fish I found for him. We are happy.

"Great" JSuhr on 12/31/2013 1:30 PM Rating:
Review: Never had better Halibut ... probably my 6th order of 12 pieces, never has disappointed.

"regular customer" april shryock on 11/30/2013 1:44 PM Rating:
Review: I have been using your products for quite some years now. Everything I have ordered is also fresh and GREAT TASTING. My favorites are the halibut and the reefnet salmon. But everything is great.

"Awesome and Delicately Delightful" Kathy B. on 6/20/2011 4:46 PM Rating:
Review: This fish is light, healthy, and super tasty with whatever you put on it. Great with marinades and in fish tacos.

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