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Wild Alaskan Halibut 6 oz portions, skinless/boneless

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Average Ratings:

"love halibut" debra on 2/15/2018 6:12 AM Rating:
Review: so glad i found this supplier. this is very well packed, fresh and the perfect sized fillets. easy to grill, great flavor.

"Wild Alaskan Halibut" Sandra D on 2/9/2018 4:48 AM Rating:
Review: I read the reviews first and not one bad review. I decided to give it a try and it was well worth the price. Excellent, fresh and meaty fish!

"Outstanding Quality!" William S on 2/3/2018 8:24 AM Rating:
Review: Not only outstanding quality, but outstanding taste & freshness. Just like it came off the boat, out of the ocean!

"Wild Alaskan halibut" Kelli P on 2/1/2018 6:15 PM Rating:
Review: Very fresh and a really nice portion. Good flavor

"Halibut" Nancy on 1/21/2018 10:10 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent! We are so impressed, customers forever. Best halibut, couldn't have tasted fresher if we had just caught it ourselves.

"Halibut" Robert F on 1/20/2018 3:42 AM Rating:
Review: Vital, has by far the VERY best customer service.

"Halibut" John P on 1/19/2018 6:48 AM Rating:
Review: Vital choice fish are flash frozen once they are line caught. In other words, unlike wild caught fish you can buy from places like Whole Foods for less than half the price per pound., Vital Choice fish do not linger unfrozen, subject to absorbing water and worse yet, losing most of their flavor within the first two hours of being caught. You can still get amazingly delicious fish from deep off the Alaskan coast by small volume high unit cost businesses, like Vital Choice and maybe only Vital Choice. is it worth the extra cost? Once you taste Vital Choice’s halibut, salmon, scallops and other fish, you will conclude like myself that value is worth more than cost, much more. Bon appetite.

"Wild Alaskan Halibut" ELIZA R on 1/18/2018 6:13 AM Rating:
Review: This is a good fish and the portions are just perfect.

"Delicious" Joyce B on 1/18/2018 5:17 AM Rating:
Review: Fresh and delicious! Arrives to my home in Florida in vacuum packed portions on dry ice. Vital Choice is my only choice for Halibut.

"Review of order" Mike D on 1/18/2018 4:48 AM Rating:
Review: Delivery as promised, product packed perfectly and frozen. Fresh looking and I had some the next day after defrosting and it was delish

"The best I have bought" Judy L on 1/13/2018 2:42 AM Rating:
Review: This halibut is the better than anything you can buy in the store. I bake it in the Nu'wave oven at 4 minutes per side and it comes out moist and flaky.

"Wild Alaskan Halibut 6 oz portions, skinless/boneless" Robert L J on 1/6/2018 6:51 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent ! Perfect sized !

"6 oz Halibut" Barbara T on 1/5/2018 4:13 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent Halibut

"Delicious" Marcia Mundell on 12/21/2017 8:56 AM Rating:
Review: This is the best halibut my husband and I have had. We are VITAL CHOICE customers for life now.

"Wild Alaskan Halibut" Anne B on 12/15/2017 11:31 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent service and packaging-here in several days from order. Halibut is perfect as usual.

"halibut" lucia on 12/9/2017 1:47 PM Rating:
Review: never had it..tried it the other night love it!!

"Always have it on hand!" Susan H on 11/23/2017 12:19 PM Rating:
Review: Tender, flaky, tasty. Our whole family loves your Alaskan Halibut!

"Wild Alaskan Halibut" Judith on 11/16/2017 6:19 AM Rating:
Review: this halibut has so much texture and flavor. Pan seared in butter and season salt and pepper. Perfect

"Very good" Cheri C on 10/27/2017 2:35 PM Rating:
Review: The halibut was fabulous. We pan seared it with salt and pepper and EVOO and finished with a little brown butter.

"So good" Laurie on 10/23/2017 8:09 PM Rating:
Review: My only regret is that I only ordered 6. Used four tonight for company. Will make it a bigger order next time

"Love those little fish fillets!" Nancy on 10/12/2017 8:43 AM Rating:
Review: Best Halibut and Salmon we've found. Thanks for the small fish they taste much better with less aging.

"Alaskan halibut" Gerhard S on 10/5/2017 11:32 AM Rating:
Review: Started to use it. Very good.

"Delicious!" Sheryl on 10/5/2017 7:34 AM Rating:
Review: Best halibut I've ever had, every time I order it it looks, cooks, and tastes the same, super delicious with no surprises.

"Everyone who eats, orders!" Sharon Gottsacker on 9/23/2017 5:04 PM Rating:
Review: I have ordered and reordered the salmon, halibut, sole and tuna poke kit for our remote lake house in Wisconsin. I will order more for our other house in Dallas. Love your fish!

"Wonderful halibut" Betsy S on 9/16/2017 5:50 PM Rating:
Review: I know this will be wonderful fish. My husband and I used to buy the random size 5 lbs of halibut and that was always fantastic. I have no doubt this will be fantastic too. Love Vital Choice.

"Halibut" Garry H on 9/1/2017 5:42 AM Rating:
Review: as always, perfect

"Simply, The Best!" Mo O on 8/28/2017 2:12 PM Rating:
Review: I live in a small town,very out of the way. My order,(halibut) came in 2 days! I'm from the coast where fresh seafood is a given. I've missed it greatly. Vital Choice delivered the ocean,100%!!! How I cook it: Dust in a mix of cornstarch, crushed panko and salt gives a light, crispy crust. Preheat skillet over med heat, Add a tbs. butter. Sear fish one minute, both sides.Lower heat a bit, cook 1 min 30 sec more each side, add more butter as necessary. Let rest 1or2 minutes. Off heat, add some more butter, deglazing pan, pour over the fish.Sprinkle with some dill or other herbs. Moist, tender, delicious! More satisfying than the best steak I've ever had. DO NOT OVERCOOK!!! If fish is tough or dry you have cooked it too long... (if underdone, can always cook a bit longer) Highest quality company. Highest quality seafood. Treat yourself!

"Wild Alaskan Halibut" Michelle D on 8/25/2017 5:58 AM Rating:
Review: Amazing... coming back for more!

"Great fish story" Weyman Squyres on 8/11/2017 4:29 PM Rating:
Review: Love the quality and fresh flavor of the halibut we received. Have bought it before and will buy it again.

"Halibut Filets Awesome" Mo O on 8/3/2017 6:18 PM Rating:
Review: As a transplant from Boston to New Mexico for almost 30 years my fondest memories included the fresh seafood that I shared with my Nana every week. I was missing it so much that I took a chance on your company mostly because of your description of processing and sustainability. I was not disappointed. I have heard many people complain that when they cook fish it makes the house smell 'fishy'. Well they should know that should not happen if your fish is fresh. When you open the packaging the fish should smell like the ocean. You guys passed the test with flying colors! And cooked very briefly, a bit less than 5 minutes total, it comes out tender and moist every time. Am about to order again as I so much look forward to having my fish dinner every week and it reminds me of times spent with my beautiful grandmother. Thank you and Bless you for the care you take.

"Always love and enjoy the halibut" Sandra on 7/27/2017 10:47 AM Rating:
Review: Love this product

"Excellent" Linda M on 7/8/2017 10:04 AM Rating:
Review: Best halibut

"Disappointed" Mary on 7/2/2017 7:53 AM Rating:
Review: I ordered the fish for a special occasion dinner where I was entertaining guests, my fish arrived with way too many end pieces. I would have preferred to see the fish before I purchased it so I could have had a better presentation for my guests, I was expecting better from Vital Choice. Thank you for providing this feedback. A customer service associate will contact you today.

"Delicious" Ronnie L on 6/29/2017 4:10 AM Rating:
Review: Wonderful tasting fish! Love that I can now keep it handy in my freezer.

"Family Favorite" Carol A on 6/16/2017 5:18 AM Rating:
Review: I have been buying Vital Choice Halibut for a couple of years now. It's by far our family's favorite fish. The quality of VC is excellent. We prepare them in one of two ways, but my fave is to wrap them in foil with fresh herbs, garlic & a little bit of olive oil and cook for 11 min on the grill. It is delicious and easy every single time!

"halibut" tom p on 6/10/2017 9:54 AM Rating:
Review: Outstanding white fish.Delicate flavor.

"Halibut" Sarah on 6/9/2017 3:35 AM Rating:
Review: Great product. Yes buy it.

"customer" Dona on 6/2/2017 10:13 AM Rating:
Review: I received my order on time. The fresh items were perfectly frozen. I baked some halibut filets in garlic, lemon, thyme butter, then browned them in the oven - superbe! So fresh, light and flavorful.

"6oz portion halibuts" Mary H on 5/21/2017 3:36 PM Rating:
Review: These were wonderful. Served to guests with a mango salsa. Very good.

"Halibut" Diane K on 5/19/2017 5:45 AM Rating:
Review: Haven't eaten any yet from my most recent order but have always been pleased in the past so I'm Sure it will be delicious.

"Good fish" madlyn on 5/18/2017 1:59 PM Rating:
Review: easy to cook

"Halibut" Karen R on 5/18/2017 11:59 AM Rating:
Review: Had a dinner party. Everyone enjoyed and I believe you are going to get new customers.

"You will never find better tasting halibut" John P on 4/27/2017 6:03 AM Rating:
Review: The best tasting fish you can get anywhere in the world right now unless you are wherever they catch the fish.

"Incredible" Eddie T. on 4/12/2017 1:50 PM Rating:
Review: The best. Period.

"HALIBUT" WANDA ONEILL on 4/1/2017 11:40 AM Rating:

"LOVE THESE" DB on 3/31/2017 3:26 PM Rating:
Review: Delicious, would buy again!

"Best Seafood !" Delor C on 3/31/2017 5:35 AM Rating:
Review: Have purchased from you previously and will purchase again in the future

"Halibut" WANDA on 3/25/2017 9:52 AM Rating:
Review: Very good

"great purchase" delores c on 3/17/2017 5:38 AM Rating:
Review: My husband hates fish but LOVES these fillets. They are convenient to have especially during this Lenten season. They arrived quickly and were packed perfectly.

"Wild Alaskan Halibut" Richard F on 3/14/2017 11:45 AM Rating:
Review: Just grilled 2 Halibut portions and they were excellent. The 6 oz portions are the perfect size for the two of us. I believe these are really the smallest and purest halibut since they were tender and flaked easily after grilling.

"halibut" Paulette on 3/9/2017 7:08 AM Rating:
Review: good

"Love Love Love" Steve P on 3/9/2017 3:47 AM Rating:
Review: This fish - portion sized perfectly - tastes great - easy to cook. I purchased it several times already and won't buy any locally anymore.

"There is a reason I keep buying these" Kathy S on 2/17/2017 10:13 AM Rating:
Review: These halibut filets are very expensive. But I live in Iowa! I can't find anything like this unless I drive 100 miles to a fresh seafood shop in Omaha. I've got a fry bake recipe that we love and sprinkle macadamia nuts on top. These fillets are the best!!!

"Excellent" Trish B on 2/3/2017 11:59 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent.

"Wild Alaskan Halibut" Amy L Harding on 2/2/2017 5:51 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent packaging and delivery Fish was firm, flavorful, and easy to prepare Really enjoyed it Will definite reorder

"Halibut" Maryanne Lyons on 1/13/2017 5:18 AM Rating:
Review: Perfect portion, easy to defrost and delicious to eat.

"Elegant Meal" Christine M on 12/30/2016 6:06 AM Rating:
Review: I shipped the halibut just in time for Christmas because I have been traveling too much for work and wanted to make something nice for my family. The fish was beautifully packaged and easy to defrost in one day. I used one of the recipes on this site and it was amazing!! We will definitely order again soon.

"Best Seafood Ordered" John on 12/27/2016 5:10 AM Rating:
Review: We've been a Vital Choice customer for years and we've tried a few other companies. Nothing compares with the quality and service we receive from Vital Choice!

"Tasty and Fabulous" Marilyn V on 12/17/2016 11:56 AM Rating:
Review: Although I have not tried this myself, I sent as a gift to a relative. They called and told me how much they enjoyed the halibut; the best they have tasted in a long time. I also sent them the salmon and scallops. They promised to let me know after they have tried them. I definitely will order again as a gift.

"Always fresh!" DL Farrell on 12/12/2016 10:39 AM Rating:
Review: Some of the best halibut we've had! Enjoy ordering from you knowing that you've caught it fresh, in Alaska and then packaged it well for shipping.

"Alaskin Halibut" Linda W on 11/25/2016 2:07 PM Rating:
Review: what a wonderful fish it was so delicious it is one of my favorets my first is the salmon

"Excellent quality, perfect portion" Maryann on 11/17/2016 6:36 AM Rating:
Review: What a delight to find delicious halibut in just the right portion. This top quality halibut sits in my freezer until I'm ready, allowing me the opportunity to eat healthily any time I wish. Great for a single serving or company. Thaw, cook... you have restaurant quality dinner.

"First Time Ive Tried Vital Choice Halibut - Fabulous!!!" Karen Berry on 11/11/2016 9:41 AM Rating:
Review: Vital Choice continues to amaze me. This Halibut is just perfect. King Salmon is still my favorite, but I need some good recipes for the Halibut. I think it would make beyond fabulous fish tacos.

"Halibut filets" Carol K on 11/3/2016 9:14 AM Rating:
Review: I thaw these as directed, in the fridge overnight then unwrap them to finish thawing in the fridge thru the day. I cook them many ways and cook till just before they are done, let them sit in the pan and rest while I fix the plate. Perfect every time. As moist and delicious as if they were never frozen. Better than any restaurant around.

"Wild Halibut" DC on 10/27/2016 4:49 AM Rating:
Review: My husband was reluctant to buy it, insisting that it would be better from the local fish store. We finally purchased it from Vital Choice and he is thrilled.

"Mr." Rod D on 10/21/2016 5:04 AM Rating:
Review: We have ordered the halibut several times. Each time we have enjoyed every bite!

"excellent!" Marjorie S on 10/9/2016 3:28 AM Rating:
Review: a repeat performer in our home

"Wild Alaskan Halibut" Jim W on 10/1/2016 2:53 AM Rating:
Review: Some of the best I have ever had. We tried it the first night it was shipped and I can't wait to have it again. Every product we have had from Vital Choice has been excellent.

"HAPPY" RHONDA E on 9/30/2016 3:39 AM Rating:

"We Like Fish" Margaret W on 8/29/2016 10:08 PM Rating:
Review: Delicious.

"Amazing halibut" Irene Arriola on 8/16/2016 6:40 AM Rating:
Review: As with everything else I order from VitalChoice, the fish was/is delicious. In a world of Frankenfish, your catalog provides me with an outstanding source of healthy seafood. Many thanks!

"Thawed" Susan Voge on 8/9/2016 3:15 AM Rating:
Review: My shipment came thawed, you must use more ice! My mom says the same thing,she has had 3 shipments that arrived the same. Her name is Joan Kwiatkowski. You are about too lose two important customers. We are sure that you have others with the same issues. Hello Susan, Thank you for choosing Vital Choice. Our Customer Service Team will be reaching out to you shortly to discuss your recent order.

"Perfect!" Susan on 8/2/2016 2:58 AM Rating:
Review: The halibut from Vital Choice is delicious! From, sweet and fresh.

"good halibut" Grace G on 7/19/2016 9:00 AM Rating:
Review: The Halibut is not fishy at all. Mild flavor. It was a bit dry, but I probably overcooked it. I sautéed it on the stove with olive oil, parsley, thyme, lemon & garlic. Next time I will use a recipe with more sauce & try baking it.

"Halibut" Sandra G on 7/11/2016 9:18 AM Rating:
Review: Vital Choice's fish is the best. I no longer purchase fish at local grocery stores. I just don't trust they tell the truth about their fish products. I've ordered Vital Choice's Salmon, Cod and now Halibut...all have been winners.

"Highest quality - Have never been disappointed" Judy L on 6/29/2016 2:04 AM Rating:
Review: We have been ordering this halibut for over a year, and have never been disappointed. I had recommended this to a friend who commented that there was no fishy smell. I hadn't thought about it before, but she's right. The fish from Vital Choice is so fresh there is no fishy smell. When I bought fish from the store a few years ago, I had to smother it in lemon to cover the smell. I haven't had to do this since buying the Vital Choice fish.

"Alaskan Halibut" Heloisa on 6/20/2016 6:38 AM Rating:
Review: Wonderful as well as the Sole

"Alaskan Halibut Skinless-Boneless" Francisco vazquez on 6/1/2016 5:15 AM Rating:
Review: Awesome,the best halibut a taste in my life....

"Clean, Fresh, Delicious!" Linda P on 5/12/2016 5:15 AM Rating:
Review: My two sons and I savored every bite. This Halibut was so fresh and clean tasting. Will be ordering more!

"Halibut" Rod D on 5/3/2016 4:48 AM Rating:
Review: Will be ordering more soon!

"HALIBUT" Linda C on 4/27/2016 10:34 AM Rating:
Review: This was our first experience with Vital Choice and we were 100% satisfied. Pleased! Fresh, firm, and excellent. We will be a regular!

"Best!!!" Barbara S on 4/26/2016 1:51 PM Rating:
Review: I love this Halibut. I buy several times a year. Always fresh and delicious.

"Halibut" Cheryl on 4/5/2016 4:54 AM Rating:
Review: I will never buy fish anywhere else but from vital choice! It's well worth the money you spend. The quality is superb.

"The freshest halibut ever" JOANNA on 4/4/2016 2:32 PM Rating:
Review: I buy halibut from Vital Choice a couple times a year (along with the salmon) and I have been doing so for over 6 years. This is by far the best place to buy fish. Never tastes "fishy" and come frozen and nicely packed. I would never buy from anyone else.

"Customer" Christine Vamvalis/Haley on 4/4/2016 8:46 AM Rating:
Review: Excellent as always

"Alaskan Halibut Skinless-Boneless 6 oz." Alice S on 3/29/2016 8:44 AM Rating:
Review: Always ends up as a very enjoyable dinner!

"Amazing!" Neda on 3/28/2016 9:14 AM Rating:
Review: I had ordered the variety box, which doesn't seem to be available now. However, I will say that this Halibut is truly amazing! I seriously can't stop eating it! It has a great flavor, texture and is quality! So I'm ordering these, because I really don't think there is a difference. Vital Choice has the best seafood!

"Alaskan halibut" Nancy on 3/1/2016 4:10 AM Rating:
Review: Absolutely delicious! Have to make a point of always having this on hand as fish is my protein of choice. Thank you for offering such a fresh tasting frozen fish!

"Fantastic!" Betty E on 2/24/2016 6:50 AM Rating:
Review: I have purchased the wild sockeye salmon and cod for a while and decided to try the halibut...wish I hadn't waited to try it! Delicious and so easy to prepare using recipes from the Vital Choice recipe list. If you haven't tried recipes from the website, Please Do! Every one we have tried is delicious and So Easy!

"Best Quality" Maria Mitchell on 2/5/2016 1:26 PM Rating:
Review: The Alaskan halibut is tasty and tender. Makes for a great meal.

"Alaskan Halibut Skinless-Boneless" Alice S on 1/18/2016 6:29 AM Rating:
Review: A favorite dinner item whether a meal alone or grateful relatives - specifically daughter and granddaughter.

"Excellent quality" T. Mosley on 1/6/2016 6:21 AM Rating:
Review: Great texture and flavor.

"Halibut 6 oz portions" Jean on 12/30/2015 6:53 AM Rating:
Review: These were the absolutely the best halibut I've ever bought! The portions were all very consistent which made it nice for the baking recipe I used. Received a lot very positive comments on the halibut!

"Halibut" Toni R on 12/24/2015 4:05 AM Rating:
Review: Tasted like we had just Caught them! Deliciousl

"Consistent high quality and really enjoy" David in FL on 12/20/2015 5:03 PM Rating:
Review: I have enjoyed having the halibut available and will continue to purchase from Vital Choice.

"Alaskan Halibut" Joan S on 12/18/2015 5:02 AM Rating:
Review: A wonderful surprise as this is our first order. Well packaged and very well shipped with ice. The fish arrived still frozen solid.

"Best Halibut anywhere!" Libby C on 12/10/2015 7:34 PM Rating:
Review: I am a non-meat eater so I eat a lot of fish and I'm extremely picky. I get nice halibut on the east coasting the summer but this halibut is so perfect because it's delicious and already pre-porioned. So easy to cook, be careful not to overcook because it's so much better if just cooked thru, a little salt & pepper and fresh herbs or your fave sauce. Really outstanding.

"Best halibut ever" Kathy on 11/19/2015 5:17 AM Rating:
Review: Love, love, love this halibut

"Halibut" Rick Bolton on 11/4/2015 7:55 AM Rating:
Review: The halibut fillets were absolutely the best ever!! We will certainly order more very soon!!

"HALIBUT" MARKH HELTON on 10/29/2015 2:40 PM Rating:

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