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Wild Alaskan Cod Liver Oil
Wild Alaskan Cod Liver Oil
6.8 fl oz. (200mL)
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Average Ratings: 5

"Cod Liver Oil" John on 9/10/2021 7:01 AM Review: When I was young my mother would put the Cod Liver Oil in the fridge with a spoon to make the taste less harsh. Your Oil taste great. No need to put it in the fridge at all. Only a slight lemon aftertaste, which is very good. I have turned my family into CLO takers. Great job.
"Cod liver oil" Sharon Kirk on 8/1/2021 8:26 AM Review: Taking internally, and plan to massage around my eyes.
"Pleasant taste from a trusted source" Maureen on 6/14/2021 12:17 PM Review: I've tried several fish oil supplements and was excited to try this cod liver oil as it also contains needed vitamins. I feel informed and confident knowing the nutritional information and I trust the source of the information as well as the source of the product. The taste is pleasant and even better when kept refrigerated.
"Great fish oil" Victoria P on 5/21/2021 7:17 AM Review: Seems very clean & pure not over processed. I can always trust Vital Choice’s products to be the I just purchase all my seafood through them.
"Cod Liver Oil" savvyshopper on 4/19/2021 9:28 AM Review: Pleasant tasting and makes me feel better. I took this as a child and have recently started taking it daily.
"Great Product" Pam on 3/6/2021 7:22 AM Review: Easy to swallow with no aftertaste
"LOVE it" Carley on 2/26/2021 5:48 AM Review: I recently ordered the cod liver oil for my boyfriend and I to take. I was super skeptical about the taste as I really don’t like any “fishy” taste but this stuff is amazing, you can’t taste anything but lemon, and it actually tastes pretty good! We’ve only been taking it for 3 days so I haven’t noticed any drastic changes with that yet but assume it’ll take a bit and we’re very excited to see some positive changes with taking the supplement.
"Fresh" Jane on 2/21/2021 9:48 AM Review: I have confidence I received sustainable product!
"Best Fishoils yet!" Sharon Harrington on 1/7/2021 5:42 AM Review: Although a bit pricey, my whole family loves the cod liver oil. The taste is quite mild compared to other brands, and my kids have never complained about taking it. All five of my kids, from 7 years old down to 12 months old, line up in the morning for their daily dose. Thank you for putting out such a great and quality product.
"Great product" Sere thom on 12/13/2020 8:32 PM Review: Great product
"cod liver oil" alberta r on 12/12/2020 4:49 AM Review: very pleasant taste
"Cod Liver Oil" Jim on 12/8/2020 6:57 AM Review: Cleanest Cod Liver oil supplement I have found, and tastes great.
"Great taste!" AGS on 10/17/2020 6:39 AM Review: I learned to take cod liver oil in the winter while living in Norway. I love the protective benefits but sometimes struggle with the taste. The purity of this product is excellent and the taste is clean and fresh. Would definitely recommend!
"Excellent Product!" BellaMia on 3/17/2020 2:01 PM Review: I’ve only been using this for a few days but WOW it’s yummy. The flavor is a nice fresh lemon not like the stuff mom gave me as a kid. I wish it didn’t have to be refrigerated but the taste and health benefits out weigh the inconvenience. The best part is that it doesn’t make me burp. Excellent Product!
"Very Good!" Teresa D on 3/15/2019 9:09 AM Review: Very good product! Not fishy tasting, will buy again and again!
"cod liver oil" petra miller on 3/9/2019 11:00 AM Review: this oil tastes great, never any fishy burps, plus the bottle is no-drip so no waste. Will buy again.
"Best tasting!" Lee E on 2/13/2019 6:02 AM Review: This high quality cod liver oil tastes better than any brand I've tried before. First rate like everything from Vital Choice.
"Very good quality!" Anemone J on 11/18/2018 3:08 PM Review: I ordered this on a whim as I was running low on my cod liver oil (from another source) and thought I’d give Vital Choice’s a try- I’m so glad I did! This is some of the freshest-tasting cod liver oil I’ve ever had. It’s very mild and the bottle design is great for preventing drips.
"So far so good!" Barbara on 9/15/2018 11:29 AM Review: For one thing - this is delicious! One teaspoon goes down very easily and I don't mix it in anything. I will be buying this again for sure - love it as part of my health program.
"Cod Liver Oil - best ever!" Sharon P on 6/8/2018 8:16 AM Review: I mix 1 tsp in another sweetened morning health drink and it really compliments it with its lemon flavor. Even by itself, it is very good, slight fish taste, but lemon helps. Skin has improved and other health benefits noticed! Ordered more!
"Really good!" Vera B. on 4/27/2018 10:48 AM Review: This is nothing like the oil your mother gave you as a child. You won't gag on this cod liver oil! Very nice flavor! The lemon oil really makes it palatable . . .tasty even! It is a bit pricey, but the quality is excellent! I don't mind taking a spoonful daily. Not at all.
"Cod Liver Oil review" Wanda J on 4/14/2018 7:41 AM Review: This is the best cod liver oil I've ever had--makes it easy to take every day. Has a wonderful flavor--a taste of lemon oil also. Very nice!
"Mr." Chee H on 2/12/2018 7:27 PM Review: Unlike regular pink cod liver oil in creamy type, new revision is in liquor form with lemon flavor elminate fishy taste.
"cod liver oil" Sandy P on 1/25/2018 2:07 AM Review: best taste ever