About Vital Choice Canned Salmon
Sockeye or "red” salmon is our signature canned salmon product. Sockeye is the firmest and most flavorful species of this fabulously nutritious fish.
(We also offer canned Alaskan pink salmon of much higher quality than the canned pink you'll find in supermarkets.)
Not all sockeye is good enough to go into Vital Choice cans. There are dramatic differences in the quality and flavor of canned sockeye salmon, depending upon how and where it was harvested and processed.
Wild salmon are truly amazing creatures, whose unusual diets and lifecycles account for their unique set of nutritional attributes.

Those attributes include unsurpassed levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and astaxanthin — the potent antioxidant pigment that accounts for their red-orange flesh.

Visit our "About Wild Salmon" page to learn more about these remarkable fish, the crucial role they play in the Pacific Northwest ecology — and the serious downsides of farmed salmon.
Why is our wild canned sockeye so superior?
If you've only had supermarket brands, you're in for a very pleasant surprise! We strive to offer Vital Choice customers a level of quality and consistency seldom found in the brands sold by retail chains.
The rare quality of Vital Choice Wild Sockeye is signaled by its firm, luscious, fresh-tasting meat.
This readily discerned quality distinction stems from the expertise we gained during decades of salmon fishing, and our strict purchasing standards.
(Depending on the season and harvest location, a can of our sockeye salmon may also feature red oil, colored by the astaxanthin antioxidant natural to wild salmon.)
Most canned salmon – including sockeye – comes from the largest fisheries, which harvest millions of fish in a short period. This crush and rush makes it hard to handle the fish as carefully and process it as quickly needed to produce superior quality canned sockeye.
And processors usually divert the lowest quality sockeye to the canning line … another reason why supermarket brands of canned sockeye fall short.
Frankly, most American consumers haven't had superior canned salmon, so domestic canners feel little pressure to improve their product.
Wild canned salmon features the best sockeye available
We direct our suppliers to put the highest grade of sockeye in the can. This means that our canned sockeye costs more ... but also offers unmatched quality.
While the sockeye in some of our wild canned salmon comes from Alaska, most of our canned sockeye is harvested in British Columbian waters.
Our key purchasing criterion is quality, not geography. Sockeye aren’t bound by international borders, and there’s no inherent difference between salmon caught in Alaska versus British Columbia.
Sockeye offers unsurpassed nourishment
Wild salmon are nutritional powerhouses, rich in protein, omega-3s, and vitamin D3.
And sockeye salmon is the richest known food source of vitamin D3 ... the so-called "sunshine-and-seafood vitamin”.
Compared with our uncommon Skinless-Boneless Wild Sockeye – which is seriously nutritious – our Traditional Style Wild Sockeye, with skin and soft edible bones, offers even more flavor, calcium and omega-3s.
Farmed salmon – almost all of which is Atlantic salmon – have much less vitamin D. See "Wild Salmon Beats Farmed for Vitamin D (Again)”.
And while farmed salmon contain about as much omega-3 fat as wild salmon, farmed salmon are very high in omega-6 fats due to their grain-based diets (see "Farmed Salmon's Diet Yields Unhealthful Cardiovascular Effects”).
The omega-6 fats in farmed salmon reduce absorption of its omega-3s. And the average American’s diet already contains omega-6 fats in extreme excess … an historically unprecedented overload that creates a pro-inflammatory environment in the body. (See "America's Sickening Omega Fats Imbalance”.)

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