Wild Sardine Sampler Wild Sardine Sampler
6-tin variety pack, product of Portugal
Wild Sardine & Mackerel Sampler Wild Sardine & Mackerel Sampler
6-tin variety pack
Salmon Sausage Sampler Salmon Sausage Sampler
6-patty, 3 flavor variety pack by Dr. Weil
Nova Lox Duo Nova Lox Duo
sockeye lox + sablefish lox
Seasoning Sampler Seasoning Sampler
4-pouch variety pack
Canned Shellfish Trio Canned Shellfish Trio
3-can variety pack
Oil, Vinegar & Seasonings Set Oil, Vinegar & Seasonings Set
3-piece combo
Wild Salmon 'Dog' Sampler Wild Salmon 'Dog' Sampler
Original + Spicy Jalapeño
Salmon Sausage & Bacon Duo Salmon Sausage & Bacon Duo
contains no nitrates, gluten or MSG
Welcome Box Welcome Box
featuring six stellar top sellers
Wild Salmon Sampler Wild Salmon Sampler
3-fish combo
Wild Salmon & Tuna Tataki Duo Wild Salmon & Tuna Tataki Duo
6 oz pkgs, sliced, vacuum sealed
Sockeye & Halibut Duo Sockeye & Halibut Duo
6 oz portions, 50/50 combo
Deluxe Wild White Fish Sampler Deluxe Wild White Fish Sampler
6-fish combo
A Taste of Vital Choice A Taste of Vital Choice
11-item sampler
Fish, Chicken & Beef Broth Trio Fish, Chicken & Beef Broth Trio
3-broth variety pack, 24 fl oz ea
Whole Wild Alaskan King Crab Whole Wild Alaskan King Crab
4.5 lb avg. partially cooked
Dark Chocolate Trio Dark Chocolate Trio
3-bar variety pack, organic, 80% cacao
Organic Berry Trio Organic Berry Trio
Flash Frozen, 3lb sampler
King Salmon & Sablefish Duo King Salmon & Sablefish Duo
50/50 two-fish combo
Smoked Salmon Sampler Smoked Salmon Sampler
Our 6-item variety pack
Wild White Fish Sampler Wild White Fish Sampler
4-fish combo
Silver Salmon & Cod Duo Silver Salmon & Cod Duo
50/50 two-fish combo
Shellfish Trio Shellfish Trio
scallops, prawns & king crab
Organic Bone Broth Duo Organic Bone Broth Duo
chicken + beef broth- ea. 24 fl oz
Wild Salmon Candy Combo Wild Salmon Candy Combo
king & sockeye salmon candy
Pastured-Pork Sampler Pastured-Pork Sampler
Paleo bacon, sausage & bratwurst
Alaskan Sablefish Duo Alaskan Sablefish Duo
50/50 two-fish combo
Sockeye & Grill Fixin's Sockeye & Grill Fixin's
whole fillets + seasonings + grill planks
King's Catch King's Catch
15-piece sampler, ships free
Canned Seafood Sampler Canned Seafood Sampler
9-can variety pack
Wild Salmon GrillBox Wild Salmon GrillBox
featuring three BBQ heroes
Salmon Sampler & Grill Fixin's Salmon Sampler & Grill Fixin's
salmon + seasoning + grill planks
Box of Candy Box of Candy
smoked salmon & chocolate combo
Starter Box Starter Box
featuring six stellar top sellers
Alaskan Halibut & Cod Duo Alaskan Halibut & Cod Duo
50/50 fish combo
Petite Sockeye & Halibut Duo Petite Sockeye & Halibut Duo
4 oz portions, 50/50 two-fish combo
Salmon Sampler & Cookbook Salmon Sampler & Cookbook
"Good Fish" by Becky Selengut
King Salmon Candy King Salmon Candy
5 oz portions, skin-on/boneless

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