Alaskan Sablefish Duo

Alaskan Sablefish Duo

50/50 two-fish combo | Product #FSA010

Wild Alaskan sablefish is a  rich, incredibly succulent rarity. This Duo features plain sablefish portions,  as well as our lightly smoked/salted "Oven-Ready" alternative. Both versions have skin on one side.


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Alaskan Sablefish Duo 50/50 two-fish combo
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Included in the sampler:

Wild Alaskan sablefish – also known as butterfish or black cod – is a superbly rich, silky delicacy.

Because it lives in deep, cold waters, sablefish accumulates far more fat – and omega-3 fatty acids – than most other white fish, making it incredibly luscious.

In fact, it  equals or exceeds wild salmon for fat and omega-3 content.

About our Oven Ready Smoked Sablefish

Our lightly smoked and salted Sablefish is superbly succulent version of this amazing, overlooked fish, and cooks to perfection in a flash!

NOTE: These portions are not cooked fully by the smoking process. They will cook through in 6-7 minutes using medium-high heat.

Average Ratings: 5

"Alaskan Sablefish" Sharon A on 02/16/2018 09:20 Review: LOVED the sablefish that is not smoked. Melted in my mouth. Haven't tried smoked version yet.

"Nice variety" Teresa on 01/21/2018 14:06 Review: Excellent fish. The smoked is a nice change. I alternate with the pacific king salmon and eat often.

"TREAT YOURSELF" Jolita A on 06/25/2017 11:43 Review: VitalChoice has a magical touch when smoking fish to its highest flavor point, without excess salt or additives. Sometimes I'm in the mood for smoked, sometimes just pure and natural, so this combo allows me to choose between 2 incredibly moist and delicious options any night. Have to pull those tiny bones from the flesh before it gets to your mouth, but one taste tells you it's worth the effort.

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