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Organic Broth, Meals, Food & Seasonings Organic Marinade/Rub Mixes & Seasonings Tuna Medallion Recipe Kit w/Coconut Oil & Seafood Rub
Tuna Medallion Recipe Kit

Tuna Medallion Recipe Kit

w/Coconut Oil & Seafood Rub |

Product #FGS023

Created for health-minded foodies, this combo has  everything necessary to easily make  mouthwatering, crowd-pleasing tuna loin medallions.

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MSC Certified
Certified Organic
Fair Trade
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Tuna Medallion Recipe Kit w/Coconut Oil & Seafood Rub
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Recipe Kit Includes:

Our unique combo has everything you need to prepare mouthwatering tuna loin medallions.

Each Gift Set serves 6 to12, as an entrée or appetizer. Recipe included.

About our Albacore Tuna Loin Medallions
Our Pacific albacore tuna is a rare catch — troll-caught by hand in an MSC certified-sustainable, dolphin-safe fishery, and flash-frozen at sea.

We select only smaller, younger fish (14 lbs. or under) for optimal tenderness, flavor, purity, and optimal levels of omega-3s and vitamin D.

Each 6-oz. package contains two to four 3/4”-thick, skinless/boneless medallions of rich, tender, tuna loin.

About our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Vital Choice coconut oil stands out in five important ways: virgin/unrefined, certified organic, certified fair trade, certified kosher, and packaged in reusable/recyclable glass. 

About our Organic Seafood Rub
Vital Choice Organic Seafood Rub is made in small batches, using the finest certified-organic ingredients, plus a touch of Hawaiian sea salt.

It combines complementary flavors from diverse regional cuisines, features a hint of heat, and makes our premium albacore tuna even more irresistible!

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