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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Which of your products are certified kosher?

We're pleased to offer Kosher certification on all products for which it is currently available. Whenever possible we try to increase the number of Kosher certified products we have on offer.  The following Vital Choice products were Kosher Certified at the time of this writing.

Please refer to individual product pages to verify current certification status for all products.

  • All Frozen Sockeye, King, Silver, Keta & Pink Salmon - Portions & Fillets (Earth K*)
  • All Frozen Sablefish Portions** (Earth K*)
  • All Hot Smoked Salmon, Candy-Style Smoked Salmon & Nova Lox-Style Smoked Salmon & Sablefish** (Kof-K or OU*)
  • All Salmon Burgers, Sausages & Jerky (OU*)
  • Most Canned Sockeye & Pink Salmon*** (OU*)
  • Most Canned Albacore Tuna*** (OU*) & Jarred Anchovies***
  • All Organic Frozen Fruit****(OU*)
  • All Organic Trail-Mix (Earth-K*)
  • All Organic Marinades & Cooking Oils (OU or KLBD*)
  • All Organic Chocolates (Star D*)
*Please see individual product pages for the most up-to-date information, including specific certifiers.
** Oven-Ready Smoked Sablefish is not certified.
***Canned Smoked Sockeye is not certified. Pouched Sockeye & Tuna, and canned Ventresca are not certified at this time. Certification of Donostia Anchovies is managed by the Spanish manufacturer.
****Frozen Fruit is certified by Orthodox Union (OU). The KOAOA logo on some frozen berry bags refers to the previous certifying agency, which has become part of OU. Packaging will transition to OU logo in 2018.