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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Do you test your Pacific seafood for radiation from Japan?

Since the March, 2011 nuclear accident at Fukushima, Japan, we've commissioned six rounds of radiation tests on samples of Vital Choice seafood.

Those tests have either found either no detectable Fukushima-related radiation, or the low, clearly safe levels that occurred naturally before the accident in the Pacific fish species we sell.

We stopped testing our seafood for radiation in April 2016, after publishing the results of the last round of tests. That decision was based on three factors:

  1. Our tests repeatedly produced reassuring results.
  2. Independent tests of Pacific seafood have found no problems.
  3. Independent research estimates that levels of Fukushima-related radiation in Pacific waters peaked in 2016, and will decline steadily in future years.

Click here for links to the reassuring results of all six rounds of tests, and for independent information about the clear safety of Pacific seafood since the accident.

The first tests took place in March of 2012, and included all the Pacific fish and shellfish we offered at the time.

After that first round, we commissioned annual radiation tests on the fish species that — hypothetically — run a higher risk of contamination: sockeye salmon, king salmon, albacore tuna, and halibut.

That hypothetically higher risk relates to these species' migration patterns, which can extend westward through the mid-Pacific Ocean.

But our test results, and those of government and university labs, have not found any actual problems.