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Vitamin D May Fight Daytime Fatigue
Lack of the hormone-like vitamin is linked to excessive daytime sleepiness

By Craig Weatherby
Sleep deprivation is at epidemic levels in the U.S. … and worldwide as well.
There's considerable evidence that lack of sleep promotes major health problems, including cardiovascular disease, depression, and obesity.
For example, see “Heart Study Finds Sleep a Lifesaver”.
To the extent that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) disrupts sleep patterns, light therapy usually helps (Pail G et al. 2011) ... and vitamin D supplements may help, too (Stumpf WE et al. 1989; Gloth FM 3rd et al. 1999).
Recent research suggests that omega-3s from fish may also help reduce SAD symptoms … see “Can Omega-3s Help Banish the “Winter Blues?”.
Lack of nighttime sleep leads to daytime drowsiness … and there's growing evidence that vitamin D deficiency can cause or worsen the situation.
Study links daytime sleepiness to low vitamin D levels
A clinical study linked, for the first time, daytime sleepiness to low levels of vitamin D (McCarty DE et al. 2012).
The credibility of the correlation was bolstered by the fact that daytime sleepiness was greatest in those with the lowest vitamin D levels … and vice versa.
A team from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center recruited 81 people diagnosed with a sleep disorder – mostly obstructive sleep apnea – at the LSUHSC sleep clinic.
The volunteers' vitamin D blood levels were measured, and the extent of their daytime sleepiness was determined using a standard test (Epworth Sleepiness Scale).
The Louisiana State team found that in patients without vitamin D deficiency, sleepiness scores rose as vitamin D levels fell.
Among the patients who were vitamin D deficient (defined as lower than 20 ng/mL), sleepiness was directly correlated with vitamin D levels … but only in black people, not white.
The authors believe that this makes some sense because – compared with light skin – dark skin blocks more of the UV sunrays needed to produce vitamin D in the body.
(Frankly, that's an odd interpretation of the skin-color-based finding, since the correlation was not seen in white subjects who were equally vitamin D deficient, despite having light skin.)
The study could not determine whether vitamin D deficiency alone causes daytime drowsiness.
However, research from the authors and other teams suggests that low levels of vitamin D may promote daytime drowsiness … directly or by promoting or exacerbating chronic pain (Huang W et al. 2012).
It seems that daytime alertness can now join the many good reasons to ensure vitamin D adequacy.
You can best do that by eating fatty fish, taking supplements, and getting adequate (not excessive) exposure to UV sunrays.
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