We received this email from a reader who seeks out fish that are sustainably harvested:

I found your Web site from the Marine Stewardship Council's web site, but I'm still a bit unclear. Exactly which of your products are MSC-approved? From reading your website it seems as though only your Alaskan caught salmon is.

What about your Canadian salmon or your albacore?  I ask because sustainability of fishing products is very important to me as a consumer. I much prefer to buy only MSC-approved fish.

Thank you,



Vital Choice is deeply committed to supplying only sustainably harvested seafood. While currently only our Alaskan salmon and salmon oil carry the MSC certification, this does not mean that the other species are not sustainably harvested. Indeed all are, but they have yet to complete the process of certification, which is rigorous, costly and time consuming. As an example, last year Alaska pollock finally received the certification after three years and $500,000 in assessment costs.

Vital Choice has opted to support the MSC and other marine environmental organizations because we believe it's the right

thing to do, regardless of whether or not it pays off in the short term. Unless the market demand for threatened seafood species subsides, they will continue to decline toward extinction. We wish to help raise awareness of the MSC so that more consumers will demand sustainably harvested seafood, and support the fishermen and companies that sell it. In turn, increased market demand will compel more producers to seek the MSC Certification, making the MSC “brand” more visible and the organization more vigorous and effective.

Several of our other species, including halibut, black cod, troll albacore, and Canadian salmon are reportedly in the "MSC pipeline." In the mean time you may rely on other highly regarded environmental organizations for reassurance that our other species originate from carefully managed fisheries. They are listed on our Sustainability Page.

I hope you find this information helpful. Thank you for your commitment to purchasing only sustainably harvested seafood.

Best regards,

Randy Hartnell

President, Vital Choice Foods