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The Vital Choice Haiku Contest

Put on that poet's cap, and send us some succinct compositions

Some of you may recall last year's Vital Choice Essay contest, whose winning entries you can see by clicking here.

Vital Choices readers seemed to have fun with it, so we'd thought we'd try a variation on the literary-contest theme, and mount a Vital Choice Haiku Contest.

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry based on ancient traditions, and formalized in the last years of the 19th century. Its brevity forces the composer to compress his or her thoughts and images into a short, succinct format. Done well, the haiku form yields verse of rare wit, insight, beauty.

The rules for haiku call for the composer to use 17 syllables, and break the poem into three lines of five, seven and five syllables, respectively.

But we're more flexible, so to qualify for our contest, your haiku poem should contain up to 17 syllables (fewer is okay), and consist of three lines, each containing any number of syllables you wish.

An anonymous haiku, which employs the classic 5-7-5 syllable format, captures the spirit of this unique poetic form:

The lake, calm, smooth, still
A fish jumps, flips and returns
Ripples fill the lake.

Ready to write? These are our Contest Rules:

  • Submit entries to
  • Entries must be submitted via email by 12:00 midnight PST on May 29, 2006. Include “Contest Entry” in your subject line.
  • Limit of three haiku entries per contestant.
  • Entries must contain no more than 17 syllables, relate (however tangentially) to Vital Choice products or services, and be appropriate for an all-ages audience.
  • We will select three winners and notify them via email by June 12, 2006:

1st Prize will be $200 worth of Vital Choice products

2nd Prize will be $150 worth of Vital Choice products

3rd Prize will be $100 worth of Vital Choice products

  • Prizes will be awarded to the winners by provision of special gift codes, and products must be ordered by December 31, 2006 (Orders may be made on our Web site or via our toll-free phone number).
  • Vital Choice Seafood reserves the right to use entrants' haiku in any context, promotional or otherwise.

So fire up your imagination, and send us your super-succinct shots at some wild-harvested Vital Choice fish and certified-organic berries, chocolate, tea, herbs, oils, and spices… we look forward to perusing your inspired poems!