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Sunset Magazine Awards Us “Top Pick” Status
Famed magazine recommends Vital Choice for high quality, sustainably produced seafood
by Craig Weatherby

We were gratified to learn that Sunset magazine just recommended us as a “smart fish shop.”

Sunset experts seek the best home, living, and food ideas from... or for... folks in the Western states.

We received their recommendation in an article in the September, 2009 issue, titled “The West's best fish: A shopper's guide to our most delicious, sustainable seafood ? and how to enjoy it.”

They set four criteria for “smart fish shops”… which were adjusted slightly to select their recommended online and catalog fish mongers.

What's the best fish to buy frozen?
Here's what Sunset said in response to their own question, with our asides inserted between brackets [ ]:

"Buy American seafood, preferably from the West Coast; from Alaska is even better."

[Most of our seafood is from Alaska.]

"Extra points if it has the Marine Stewardship Council logo."

[All of our Alaskan salmon and much of our other seafood bears the MSC-certified seal.]

"Look for labels that overload you with good info, like where the fish was raised or caught."

[Every seafood product page discloses the origin of the item on offer.]

Here are Sunset's criteria… we inserted corresponding Web-store features [between brackets]:
  1. A variety of sustainable seafood choices.
  2. A person behind the counter [Web site] who can answer your questions.
  3. A label [Web page] on each fish, listing source; whether farmed or wild; and how it was caught.
  4. Lots of brochures from sustainable seafood suppliers and organizations on the counter [or the equivalent Web content].
Our performance on the 1st and 4th items exceeds the standards set by the editors of Sunset.

How so?

The fisheries that supply the all of the seafood we sell are considered sustainable by experts at Monterey Bay Aquarium and other independent assessors.

Further, the respected Marine Stewardship Council uses chain-of-custody audits to certify that selected Vital Choice fish and seafood products come from fully sustainable fisheries such as our Alaskan salmon (and salmon sausage), troll-caught North Pacific albacore tuna, Alaskan sablefish, and Alaskan halibut.

Seven Vital Choice standbys ranked among the 13 Western seafood choices that Sunset recommended:
They also recommended Pacific sardines, but our canned Portuguese sardines are equally tasty and sustainable, as are our small, sardine-sized Portuguese mackerel.

Likewise, our Alaskan King Crab is every bit as good and sustainable as the Dungeness Crab selected by Sunset.

For their full list, click here (The issue also includes “108 Great Recipes”).

Thanks for the recognition, Sunset!