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Salmon Migrate by Mail to End Extinction Threat

Marine biologist Alex Morton's postal plan to help save Canada's wild coastal salmon
by Craig Weatherby

To pressure local authorities to end extinction threats to wild salmon, biologist Alexandra Morton wants us all to send a school of paper salmon on a mail-borne migration.

The excerpt below from her site tells the tale, but for full details and the salmon graphic downloads, visit her Adopt-a-Fry site:

Despite the science and the public outcry, the Premier of British Columbia is allowing salmon farms to expand on wild salmon migration routes. Salmon farms are feedlots, breeding diseases that kill wild salmon.

Farming fish does not require killing off B.C. wild salmon. Loss of wild salmon is damaging local economies.

Wild salmon are a power-cord to this coast; they feed us, feed several industries such as tourism and fishing and they feed our forests that pull greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.

Wild salmon are a wealth independent of the world financial crisis


Cut fish postcard shapes out of pink cardboard/posterboard… must be less than 235 mm or 9.25 inches long.

Address to:

Gordon Campbell, Premier
Box 9041, Station PROV. GOVT
B.C. V8W 9E1 Canada

Ask: Why are salmon farms on wild salmon migration routes?

Sign your name, your address and mail as a postcard

If this paper salmon migration is large enough Premier Campbell will protect wild salmon to ensure his re-election this spring.

People change the world all the time… Why not for the better? It is up to us.

Alex's Adopt-a-Fry Web site provides three tools to help get the message out:
  1. An outline of a salmon that you can download and use to make your personal salmon postcard
  2. A poster to download and post on bulletin boards, telling people about the migration campaign
  3. Two fish with Gordon Campbell's address on them which you can download, paste on a card, cut out and mail
Go to Adopt-a-Fry and get fishing!