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Praise from America's Pediatrician
We've known Dr. William Sears – known as America's Pediatrician or Dr. Bill – and his wife/co-author Martha Sears, R.N., for several years.
Our admiration for their dedication to kids, families, and healthy foods – and their ability to convey sound advice in a clear, approachable way – has only grown.
We were surprised and honored to receive this warm letter from Dr. Sears, along with his encouragement to share it with our circle of friends, readers, and customers!
To learn more about Dr. Bill, Martha Sears, and their programs and pediatrician offspring, see About Dr. Sears”, below. 

Dear Randy, Carla, and Vital Choice crew,
Thank you for helping the Sears family be healthier!
Martha Sears, RN
Each month when that big white box of perfectly frozen seafood arrives Martha says, “Bill, your medicine has arrived.” 
This mother of eight, and nurse, is scientifically correct. There is more science behind the health benefits of seafood than any other nutrient. 
Here's a Vital Choice day in the life of the Sears family: 
In the morning, we sprinkle the organic cinnamon on oatmeal or into a smoothie, along with the organic frozen blueberries and strawberries from Vital Choice. 
In the evening, we continue to spice up our lives with Vital Choice turmeric on our salads, along with basil, cilantro, and the other organic spices to perk up the flavors of our food, as well as the organic extra virgin olive oil, and canned salmon or tuna. 
During the day, especially on high energy days, we nibble on the nutty and fruity trail mix from Vital Choice. 
About Dr. Sears
To learn more about the Sears, their books and programs, and their pediatrician offspring, visit the Sears' website.
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Four to five evenings a week, we then enjoy the seafood delicacies, either the King salmon (Martha's favorite) or the sockeye salmon (my favorite). The kids enjoy the salmon burgers. 
We'll often begin the meal with our favorite appetizer, Vital Choice prawns – the freshest and tastiest shellfish we've ever enjoyed. On cold nights we enjoy the Vital Choice ciopinno and the other soups, and occasionally we'll add chunks of the tuna or halibut into the soups. 
To really spice up the flavor of the salmon, we sprinkle Vital Choice salmon marinade and sliced dill weeds. 
You've heard about three squares a day as the usual meal advice. My “three squares” are the Vital Choice chocolate bars. Each evening, oftentimes before going to bed, I'll enjoy 2-3 squares of the organic 80 percent cocoa chocolate bars. 
I especially enjoy the medley of the chocolate bars, since each one has a unique flavor. My favorite is the coconut. Because these chocolate bars are organic and contain 80 percent cocoa, we've upgraded them to a Sears' family green-light food.
When our adult children and grandchildren visit, they look in our pantry, refrigerator and freezer to help themselves to our Vital Choice collection. They call this help-themselves perk “shopping at mom and dads.” And, they nearly always leave with a bottle of salmon oil gel caps.
When we have special guests and prepare a special dinner, it is highlighted by at least 2-3 foods from Vital Choice. When we need gifts to send, the Vital Choice gift packs are perfect.
We've had the pleasure of hosting for dinner the owners of Vital Choice, Randy and Carla Hartnell, as well as the rest of the Vital Choice staff. These people are as genuine as the food they ship. 
Again, thank you, Vital Choice, for helping keep the Sears family healthy. It's just what the doctor ordered! 
William Sears, M.D.