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Photo Contest Winners!
We're pleased to announce the winners of the

Vital Choice photo contest... thanks for your entries!

Late last year, we launched a Vital Choice Photo Contest, with the theme

Vital Moments, Vital Places.”

We asked readers to send in photos that would portray the ways in which they — or those around them — use and enjoy Vital Choice foods … at work, play, or on the road.

Or, people could send us photos that portray a meal or recipe based on Vital Choice foods.

We want to thank you everyone who entered!

From the many entrants, we picked 13 winners: Three top prizes and 10 runners up.

Each winner will receive the reward that corresponds to their prize, in the form of a Vital Choice Gift Certificate.

3 Top Prize Winners

BerryGirls.Sue-Samer.425.jpg1st Prize - “Blueberry pancake helpers” by Sue Samer

Debbie.Griffis.200.jpg2nd Prize
“Debbie's edge-of-the-ledge lunch”
by Steve Muehlhauser
Lunch-at-My-Desk.200.jpg3rd Prize
“Lunch at my desk”
by Marti Sinnreich


10 Runners Up

Anthony NeriKeith Van Dyke

Diane Koerner

Deborah Burtley

Sandy Fischer
Elyn ZerfasDeborah Mattox

Ann Docherty

Audrey Harley

Diane Pierson

These three photos were Vital Choice staff favorites among the runners up:

“Sablefish dinner”
by Anthony Neri
“Mountain rescue dog”
by Keith Van Dyke
“Salmon takes
a tropical turn”
by Diane Koerner(Taken at sunset on
Diane's Hawaiian porch ... our fish travels far!)

Thanks again to everyone who entered our contest ... thank you for your efforts and patience!