Readers of Vital Choices may recall our coverage of the huge, proposed Pebble Mine complex.
This enormous site sits amidst the watershed that gives rise to the sockeye salmon rivers flowing into Alaska's Bristol Bay.
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Bristol Bay hosts millions of sockeye from the world's largest wild salmon “runs” … as populations associated with specific birth rivers are called.
Even the mining companies involved admit that this irreplaceable resource could be destroyed by very small traces of copper and other metals from the mines, should they get into the region's salmon rivers.
And because the millions of salmon that die after spawning are proven to nurture animals and deliver nitrogen for trees and other plants, the entire coastal ecology would suffer greatly.
Petition to stop the Pebble
Regardless of how you feel about Robert Redford or the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), they are helping to gather citizen support to stop the incredibly risky Pebble Mine project.
Click the play arrow to view a short video from Redford ... if you cannot view it here, go to YouTube.
NRDC just issued the message shown below the video, asking people to sign an email to one of the Pebble mine companies. Click here to sign the petition.
Tell Foreign Mining Corporations that "No Means No"
Despite overwhelming local opposition, foreign mining giants Anglo American and Rio Tinto are pressing forward with plans to build a gargantuan, open-pit gold and copper mine above Alaska's Bristol Bay -- threatening the world's greatest sockeye salmon runs and the very last 284 beluga whales of Cook Inlet.
Sign the Petition today and tell these two corporations not to build a mega-mine against the will of local citizens.
Your signed petitions will be delivered to:
Anglo American: Cynthia Carroll, CEO
Rio Tinto: Tom Albanese, Chief Executive
Petition Title: Take NO for an answer
To Ms. Carroll & Mr. Albanese:
It is time to live up to your commitment to respect the communities where you do business.
An overwhelming majority of Bristol Bay residents do not want your Pebble Mine and the billions of tons of waste it will produce.
They have even passed a Save Our Salmon initiative that bans large-scale, destructive projects like yours. Yet you persist in bulldozing your way into Bristol Bay -- against the will of the people.
Please face the facts: for local Native communities and fishermen, the awe-inspiring beauty and bounty of Bristol Bay is far more valuable than gold. I write to you in solidarity with them, in total opposition to your mega-mine.
When your shareholders meet later this month, I and millions of others will be watching to see if you honor your promise to local communities or continue to break it.
It is time for your company to take No for an answer.