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One Customer's Tasty Ikura Tips

Try Andrea Frankel's great low-carb serving suggestions

Vital Choice customer Andrea Frankel was kind enough to send us some great tips for enjoyment of our delicate salmon caviar, which is known as "ikura" in Japan, and prized by caviar lovers around the world.  Rich in omega-3s, our ikura is cured in a three-percent brine for milder flavor and less salt than traditional salmon caviar.

These are the Ikura ideas Andrea sent me, and allowed us to share with all our readers:

To: Vital Choice Seafood

Subject: more Ikura ideas

“I absolutely adore your Ikura!

“Since going low-to-moderate-carb, I no longer eat many crackers.  But celery stuffed with whipped cream cheese (chive is great, plain will do) and topped generously with Ikura is wonderful, tasty and crunchy and low in carbs.

“I have also made canapés by topping slices of hothouse (English) cucumber with Ikura, with red onion and cream cheese. (To get the cream cheese to stick, you sometimes have to pat the cuke slices dry with a paper towel.)

“I have ordered salmon eggs with quail egg at sushi bars for years. Many years ago, at my favorite sushi bar in San Diego, I always enjoyed the "Philly Roll", which featured smoked salmon and Philly cream cheese, prepared maki-style (sliced up roll), with each piece topped with black caviar.

“One day, I requested the Philly Roll  topped with salmon caviar instead, and a new star was born. It was even better as a hand roll, which I "invented" and called "mother-and-child":  smoked salmon, Ikura, thinly sliced green onions, Philly cream cheese, rice, and nori. Sometimes we also added Daikon sprouts.

“Man, this is making me hungry!  Time to go fetch more Ikura from the freezer...”

It's making us hungry, too, Andrea… thanks for the tasty, low-carb Ikura tips!