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Omega-3s Boosted Weight Loss Benefits of Low-Cal Diets
Czech results show omega-3 fish oil supplements may enhance the effects of very low calorie diets

02/12/2007 by Craig Weatherby

There's substantial evidence that omega-3s aid efforts at weight control (See the "Omega-3s & Weight/Fitness” section of our news archive).

New results reported by Czech researchers lend weightpardon the punto prior findings.

The findings of this small pilot study seem significant in light of America's obesity epidemic.

Czechs find omega-3s enhance benefits of very-low-calorie diets

A team at Prague's Charles University randomly assigned 20 obese women to one of two groups (Kunesova M et al 2005):

  • Very-low-calorie diet plus placebo capsules
  • Very-low-calorie diet (VLCD) plus omega-3 supplements

After three weeks, the omega-3 group enjoyed significantly greater weight losses and reductions in their body mass indices (BMIs) and hip circumferences, compared with the control group.

The Czechs also reported finding signs of significantly greater fat-burning (fatty acid oxidation) in the omega-3 group.

And one of the two major omega-3s in the fish oil capsulesDHAseemed to be the major positive factor, since the women with the highest blood levels of DHA also enjoyed the biggest reductions in their BMIs.

As with all such studies, the message is not that omega-3s are magic bullets that can counteract the effects of eating too many calories.

Instead, it appears that calorie-balanced dietsi.e., those containing just enough to meet metabolic needsaid weight loss better when they include ample amounts of the marine-source omega-3s found so abundantly in fish oil and fatty fish.


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