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Omega-3 Gurus Savor Vital Choice Salmon

A huge, shining Copper River King salmon from Vital Choice served as the top-chef-cooked centerpiece of the "Celebration of DHA" science summit in London
By Randy Hartnell 

Last month, we attended two gatherings of the world's leading omega-3 and fatty acid scientists. 

The first, called “A Celebration of DHA” was convened at London's Royal Society of Medicine by legendary neuro-scientist Michael Crawford, Ph.D., who's spent decades studying the two omega-3s (EPA and DHA). 

EPA and DHA are both essential to human life. While the body can make both (very inefficiently) from plant-form omega-3s, “pre-formed” EPA and DHA are found only in fish fat. 

Dr. Crawford has focused largely on omega-3 DHA, which is critical to brain function and overall health. 

He's widely admired and liked in the omega-3 science community, and his gathering drew renowned omega-3 researchers like psychiatrist Joe Hibbeln, M.D., from the U.S. NIH, fetal nutrition researcher Professor Tom Brenna, Ph.D., of Cornell University… plus NIH consultant Professor William Lands, Ph.D., who's widely considered the most prodigious and insightful omega-3 scientist on the planet. 

We were proud to provide a stupendous, perfectly fresh Copper River king salmon for the attendees' dinner … and we were thrilled to have it expertly cooked by England's famed seafood chef, Rick Stein! 

As you can see from the photos below, no wild salmon was ever served to a more appreciative group … the attendees authored much of the research that established salmon, sardines, tuna, and other omega-3-rich fatty fish as the ultimate “brain food”! 
For photos from “A Celebration of DHA”, Royal Society of Medicine, London, visit the Vital Choice Photo page on FaceBook
Right after the DHA Celebration ended, we jumped the English Channel to attend the annual ISSFAL conference, held this year in the Dutch city of Maastricht. 

ISSFAL stands for the International Society for Study of Fats & Lipids, whose membership includes the leading fatty acid scientists worldwide… including many of the researchers who attended the preceding DHA Celebration in London. 

The ISSFAL conference is where researchers present their latest findings in the field, including many scientific papers focused on omega-3s and human health. 

We asked widely known omega-3 expert Joyce Nettleton, DSc, who was there taking notes, to summarize the new science presented at the ISSFAL gathering, and she kindly agreed to do just that. 

To read her first bulletin, see “
Omega-3 Summit Report, Part 1 - Metabolism and Diabetes” in this issue.