We want to applaud Men's Health magazine.

Recently, they published one of the best omega-3 articles we've seen in any publication intended for non-scientists.

The Men's Health piecetitled "The Government's Big Fish Storybegins dramatically, with the story of Randal McCloy, the sole survivor of last year's Sago Coal Mine disaster in West Virginia.

Mr. McCloy suffered extreme carbon monoxide exposure, which normally results in severe brain damage.

While he received the standard interventions, including hyperbaric oxygen treatment, these were not expected to prevent serious disability.

Instead, McCloy's neurosurgeon
Julian Bailes, M.D. of West Virginia Universitybelieves the miner was spared only by the unprecedented decision to administer very high doses of omega-3 fish oil.

Dr. Bailes said McCloy had almost no measurable brain activity until they started feeding him fish oil through a tube, which provided huge doses of the two key omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).

As the authors of the Men's Health article wrote:

  • "… unexpectedly, McCloy emerged from his comaThis in itself was amazing, but he wasn't done. In the weeks that followed, he stunned even the most optimistic experts by recovering his memory and gradually regaining his ability to walk, talk, and see, a turnaround that many in the medical field called miraculous.”
  • "'The omega-3s helped rebuild the damaged gray and white matter of his brain,' says Dr. Bailes, who now takes his own medicine, swallowing a fish-oil supplement each morning."
  • "On his orders, McCloy, still recuperating at home, continues to take fish oil daily. ‘I would say he should be on it for a lifetime,' says Dr. Bailes. ‘But then, I think everybody should.'”

Why would omega-3s help?

Large amounts of omega-3 DHA accumulate in the brain's grey matter during fetal and infant development.

And research supports its ongoing importance to adult brains: see "Omega-3s Display More Brain-Mood Benefits” and "Mental Decline Slowed by Omega-3s”).

Researchers interviewed by Men's Health deplored the failure of health authorities to advocate assertively for increased intake of omega-3s.

And unlike most popular articles on omega-3s, this one stresses the importance of decreasing Americans' intake of omega-6  fatty acids.

These pro-inflammatory, omega-3-blocking fats dominate American diets, thanks to their heavy presence in standard meats and poultry and in cheap vegetable oils (corn, soy, cottonseed, canola, sunflower, safflower) and the processed and prepared foods that contain them.

The only way you'd get more essential information would be by reading the recent, definitive book by New York Times science contributor Susan Allport, titled Queen of Fats (see "Queen of Fats Tells Exciting, Untold Omega-3 Story” and "The Queen of Fats: Part II of Our Review”).

And you will find many reports on omega-3/health research in our Vital Choices newsletter archives.

We urge you to read this incredibly informative, wonderfully written article, and pass it on to friends and family.

America's omega-3/6 intake imbalance weakens brain health and recovery

The Men's Health article also covers some of the most fascinating aspects of omega-3s in human biology and evolution.

These include the adverse impacts of America's extreme omega-3/omega-6 intake imbalance, the evidence of omega-3s' effects on major health conditions, and includes recommendations on supplemental omega-3s.

The article features cogent quotes from interviews with a number of leading researchers, including renowned omega-3 scientist William E. Lands, Ph.D., who has responded graciously to our requests for guidance concerning omega-3 fatty acids in human health.

Dr. Lands discovered many of the basic functions of omega-3s as a former Professor at the Michigan Medical School and Director of Basic Research at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. He also authored an indispensable reference book titled Fish, Omega-3s, and Human Health.

We hope you will get a chance to read "The Government's Big Fish Story”, and share it widely!


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