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Is that Red Juice for Real?

A customer question about our canned salmon

by Randy Hartnell

We received the following email from customer Ray Hult recently, and thought the answer from Vital Choice product expert Karen Long might be of interest to those of you who've ordered our canned wild Sockeye salmon, or are considering it.

Ray's email query
“I was under the impression that nothing artificial is added to your wild salmon. But, I notice the salmon meat is a rich reddish pink color and the juice is also the same.  What causes that?  Is that all natural or is there some ingredient that is added to cause the red coloring?

“Of course, I order from you because I don't want to mess with all the questionable stuff in farmed salmon. I just never suspected that wild salmon would result a juice of that color. If it isn't coming from the salmon, exactly what is it?”

Thanks, Ray Hult

Karen's response

Hello Ray,

Thank You for choosing Vital Choice. It can be a shock the first time that you open one of our cans of Sockeye salmon.  Indeed, all of that wonderful rich red juice is from the Wild Sockeye. We have not added any liquids or oils.

The meat is naturally rich in the antioxidant astaxanthin, which comes from the Sockeye's wild diet of plankton. The tiny krill that they consume provide this red pigment to the salmon, and then we subsequently benefit as well.

Be assured that the only ingredient in the No Added Salt can is Wild Sockeye Salmon, and a pinch of salt is added in the Skinless/Boneless version. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Karen Long
Vital Choice Customer Care Representative