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Haiku Contest Winners
Announcing the winners and runners-up of our 2009 Haiku Contest… enjoy their fine entries!

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 2009 Vital Choice Haiku Contest!

The many heartfelt sentiments expressed about our company and products left us flattered and humbled.

And we admit to being overwhelmed by the unexpectedly huge response. We netted 256 haiku from 129 readers… or about double the number submitted during our 2006 Haiku Contest.

We needed more time than anticipated to provide thorough, careful judging, and we appreciate your patience.

The contest winners and runners-up will receive Gift Certificate Codes by email in the next day or so... enjoy!

The winning entries, and how they were picked
We first selected 25 finalists, and then assigned each of our six judges (three male, three female) the task of ranking their top 10 from among them. All points were tallied, resulting in the final standings.

The prizes will be awarded in the form of Vital Choice Gift Certificates sent by email, as follows:

1st Place Prize - $200 Gift Certificate
2nd Place Prize - $150 Gift Certificate
3rd Place Prize - $100 Gift Certificate
4th-10th Place - $50 Vital Choice Gift Certificate
11th-25th Place - $25 Vital Choice Gift Certificate

Whether you won a prize or not, we hope you enjoyed composing your Haiku entries as much as we did reading them!

2009 Vital Choice Haiku Contest Winners

1st Place - Loreen Lambert

With each bite of fish
I savor nature and life
So filled with goodness

2nd Place - The Conroy Family

From the open sea
Delicious gifts from nature
Feed body and soul

3rd Place - Stephanie Krause
(Stephanie's "Tender" entry earned her a 3rd place prize,
and another entry of hers is its perfect companion.)

Tender, rich red fish,
Salmon unadorned, seared rare -
Our toddler says, "More!"

Wise 15-month-old!
She craves that which nourishes;
She loves Vital Choice.

Runners-Up 4 to 10 - $50 Gifts

Marlena Koper

Red flesh so tender
Peppery hot perfection
From smoking embers

Kieth Van Dyke

Holy mackerel
Blessed berries, sacred shrimp
Food for the spirit

Timothy Farler
(We liked two of Timothy's
entries equally.)

The package opens
Cool dry ice mist fills the air
Tasty treats inside

Sizzle in the pan
Pink flesh tender and juicy
Lemon makes it bright
Lori X

Healthy, wild salmon
Vital choice for happy life
Eat. It's good for you.

Dawn Davis

A naughty vegan
Meets wild sumptuous swimmer
‘Tis love at first bite

Cindi Cavallaro

Eat pure and simple
Wisdom for life's long journey
Priceless vital choice

Jay Luthar

Harvest from the sea
Nature's healing energy
Now feeds my children

Runners-Up 11 to 25 - $25 Gifts

Gayle Bennett

Cedar scented dream
Coppery beauty arrives
My salmon is done

Cassandra Perez

Silver-red sockeye
Fight the current, fight disease
Swim veins like rivers

Cindy Van Dyke

Deep, dark chocolate
Mystic healer in a bar
Melts my cares away

Jean Singer

Walk the eco-path-
Fish and organics abound.
Jump-start that good life.

J. Surline

Firm, Pink, Succulent
Taste buds dancing with delight
Vital Choice Salmon

Valerie Burke

Wild little Sockeye
Oh, how I covet thee—my
Swimming pharmacy

Clark Purcell

Blueberry gems sparkle
On Nature's hand
Eclipsed by their vital worth

Dora Somma

Kids did not eat fish
Halibut looks like chicken
Kids don't need to know
Angie Kelley

What's the buzz about?
Salmon, prawns, teas or trail mix
Keeps us healthy, plus!

Michelle Szilagyi

It's the next best thing
To catching my own salmon
Fresh and delicious

Susan Wells

Precious, sweet, pure fish
Is truly a vital choice
Why would you choose less?

Sabrina Johnson

Economy blues?
Choose vital omegas and
You'll shine strong and bright!

Barbara Griffin

The lake's cool today
A picnic for you and me?
Pack some Vital Choice

Carol Nibley

Check out Vital Choice
For salmon and more, or just
For the halibut

Debbie Pettigrew

Healthy and scrumptiousWhat more can a person want?
Vital Choice, of course!