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Haiku Contest Winners!
Earlier this month, we invited our readers to send us up to three haiku for a chance to win a Vital Choice Gift Certificate.
We received an astonishing number of entries … more than 400 in all, making our judges' jobs very difficult, indeed!
Our apologies for the slight delay in announcing the winners … blame on it your fellow readers' incredible response to our pithy-poetry challenge!
We want to thank everyone who entered for your excellent, heartfelt creative efforts … you inspire us to keep our standards high!
After a very tough evaluation trial, we selected three winners and three runners up ... we'll be sending their prizes out very soon:
Top Prize Winners
1st Prize – $300
Oh fish of the sea
Swimming through cyberspace
One click, you are mine
– Akiko Kobayashi
2nd Prize – $250
I give thanks to you,
Strong swimmer, for your power
Nourishes me now
– Adrienne Haladyna
3rd Prize – $150
Shellfish float, blossom
In briny paella broth
Like Spanish flowers
– Michelle Martinez
Three Runners Up - $75 each
Smoked, grilled, baked, sautéed,
Good friends, wine, conversation,
Wild salmon magic
– Faith Vance
From earth's bounty
Fresh fish and fabulous foods
Nourish body and soul
– Ken VanDrese
The best of nature
Shipped direct to my doorstep
What could be better?
– Amy Galbraith