by Craig Weatherby

Should small farms be regulated? Are the USDA dietary guidelines improving or harming health? Do citizens have a right to the foods of their choice? 
These hot topics will be the focus of Wise Traditions 2010… the 11th annual international conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF). 
Recent government crackdowns on raw milk have combined with some flawed food-safety proposals to put food politics back in the public eye (Read our coverage of the battle over unpasteurized milk in “Raw Milk Fight Heats Up”).
The WAPF is a nonprofit nutrition educational organization that explores the techniques and benefits of traditional foods and diets.
The conference takes place from November 12 to 15 in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania… a state that leads the nation in preserving traditional dairy farming and access to raw milk.

In addition to enjoying delicious traditional foods, more than 1,600 participants will attend four days of seminars, food demonstrations, and farm tours. 
Attendees will include health and nutrition professionals, farmers, activists, and wellness-oriented citizens from around the world.
The event is open to the public and Continuing Education Credits are available for some health professionals.
What to expect at Wise Traditions 2010
The conference will feature several full-day seminars, including traditional diets, holistic cancer therapy, autism, soil fertility, and raw milk quality/safety.
Several experts will address the subject of raw milk and author Jeffrey Smith will discuss the politics of genetically modified organisms.
Other food-related topics on the menu include cooking, hormones, environmental hazards, weight loss, dental health, heart disease, soil and livestock fertility, cancer alternatives, and native diets.
The exhibit hall features more than 100 vendors of whole foods, supplements, body care products and craftsincluding us, Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organicsand it will be open on Saturday and Sunday.
The conference will feature delicious traditional meals, with selected foods donated by sustainable small farmers from around the country… and by Vital Choice.
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For the conference schedule, or to register, visit the conference page or phone (304) 724-3006.