By Craig Weatherby
Confusion over the health and safety aspects of seafood.
People's ongoing puzzlement prompted us to offer more information than we've seen on any retail seafood website.
For example, see these pages at
We had fun taking the online test Fish Quiz: Fact or Fiction? from WebMD, and think you may, too.
We would quibble with just one answer, regarding sushi. WebMD says, “Fish for sushi is often flash frozen, which should kill parasites. But the only sure way to avoid parasites and bacteria is to cook your fish.”
In fact, freezing invariably kills parasites. All of our frozen fish is flash-frozen to extremely low temperatures and held there during storage, and we ship it to customers on dry ice to keep it frozen solid.
While freezing cannot kill all bacteria, our fish is so fresh when it's frozen (within hours of harvest) that bad bugs never get a chance to take hold or grow to dangerous levels.