Last summer, we wrote about the growing movement in favor of raw milk from local farms … and the harsh prosecutions of anyone selling it (see “Raw Milk Fight Heats Up”).
Earlier this summer, we described a documentary that spotlights government agencies' harsh actions against farms accused of food safety violations: see “Farmageddon Film Rips Raw Milk Raids.”
Most of these raids involve the sale of local raw milk from grass-fed cows, or fermented foods (cheese, kefir, and yogurt) made from raw milk.
We're very pleased to spread the word about the San Francisco premiere of “Farmageddon: the Unseen War on Family Farms” … and the Farmageddon: Food Freedom for Our Families Gala fundraising event that will precede a special screening on Monday, September 26. (See below for full fundraiser event schedule and details.)
What's up with raw milk?
Many people, including doctors and scientists, believe that raw milk offers superior health attributes.
Raw milk retains the natural physio-chemical and nutritional properties of milk, which are significantly altered by the processes used to create conventional milk: homogenization, pasteurization, de-fatting, and addition of dried milk.
Importantly, raw milk appears about as safe as pasteurized milk … as long as it's produced carefully and monitored for disease bacteria.
We don't claim to be experts in this issue. But it certainly appears that government agencies have unduly persecuted producers and purveyors of raw milk and raw milk products.
This harsh treatment stands in stark contrast to America's legal approval and financial support for factory dairy and livestock farming … which involve many food quality, safety, and moral/ethical compromises.
You may be interested in these websites and articles that address raw milk issues:
Real Milk is a project of The Weston A. Price Foundation.
FDA's crackdown based on flawed data analysis is a good article on eco site
Real Raw Milk Facts is a site supported by Marler Clark, a law firm that represents victims of food poisoning.
Act fast, because space is limited and tickets will be not be available at the movie theater box office! Click here to purchase tickets.
According to her bio on the “Farmageddon” website, the film's director, Kristin Canty, “... is the mom of four kids. One of them had severe allergies and asthma until she started him on local raw milk from grass fed cows. She was horrified that farmers and consumers were getting raided around the country for doing the exact same thing, so she set out to make a movie about it.”
The event will raise funds for Evergreen Goat Farm, and will include a “meet and greet”, the movie screening, and a panel discussion.
It's co-hosted by Nourishing Our Children, a non-profit campaign by Sandrine Hahn of the Weston A. Price Foundation's San Francisco Chapter and Nourishing Hope, a program by nutrition consultant Julie Matthews that addresses the potential impacts of diet on kids with autism.
To support the cause, we're providing samples of Vital Choice smoked Alaskan sockeye salmon lox and king salmon “candy” for the gala, and Vital Choice founder Randy Hartnell will engage in a panel discussion after the movie.
Fundraiser event schedule and details
Farmageddon: Food Freedom for Our Families Gala: Monday, September 26:
5:30pm – Reception
18 Valencia, San Francisco, CA 94110
  • Meet and Greet the Film Director, Kristin Canty
  • Enjoy food samples that include Vital Choice smoked salmon, Organic Pasture raw milk and cheese, Evergreen Goat Farm raw milk and cheese, and Grindstone Bakery bread.
7:00pm – Farmageddon Movie Screening
Roxie Theater, 3117 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Attendees can just walk to the nearby Roxie Theater after the reception.
8:30pm – Panel Discussion in Theatre
Randy Hartnell, Vital Choice
Jessica Prentice, Three Stone Hearth
Mark McAfee, Organic Pastures
Mike and Jane Hulme, Evergreen Goat Farm
Sandrine Hahn, Nourishing Our Children
Julie Matthews, Nourishing Hope