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Dogs Dig Salmon Oil and Snacks
We've been gratified to receive rave reviews about our trio of wild salmon pet treats.
You'll see them all below … starting with one we just received, about a dog that prefers our Wild Salmon Pet Snack Rolls to steak!
First, check out the note we received from customer Russ Plocke, concerning his beagle Dory's reaction our new Salmon Oil for Pets.
Here's Russ' email, which he kindly allowed us to publish:
Hi Craig,
I purchased the Salmon Oil for Pets for my beagle Dory who is soon to be nine years old.
I wasn't sure she would like it but I mix it with her meals and she actually seems to enjoy her food more than usual (although beagles are not really picky about their food).
Anyway, she likes the taste and her coat seems more shiny and smooth. I am hoping the omega-3s keep her going through her golden years. Thanks for offering the product.
– Russ Plocke
These are the reviews we've received so far on behalf of our canine “customers”.
And they're all 5-star ... with the exception of Julie's 4-star rating.
She docked our Wild Salmon Jerky for Pets one star ... you'll see why, and likely get a grin out of it!

  • Barry on 3/23/2012 
My Rat Terrier has literally passed up steak when given a choice between Salmon Rolls and Bone-In Rib-Eye. I thought I was the only living thing on Earth to do this. They aren't cheap but nothing good ever is. Buy some.
  • Jennifer Gallagher on 12/1/2011
Beau may learn to stand on his head for these. He loves them!
  • Luna on 8/15/2011
bow wow wow ruff ruff pant pant
  • Marci on 8/15/2011
My dog LOVES these! He does a happy dance and tosses it in the air and flips his head back in sheer joy before settling down to chew it up. I feel much better giving him these than the chemical-laden treats at the pet store.
  • Willa on 9/26/2011
Our poodle Lucy loves this treat so much she begs for them every day. I don't dare run out of them!
  • Nancy Jacobs on 3/12/2011
We give our “pack” lots of healthy snacks to choose from. There is never a day that there's a Vital Choice treat left in the bowl!
  • Julie on 11/21/2010
When I was writing my dissertation, my mom put these on the table next to me knowing I would snack on anything. Well, ALMOST anything ... with the smell/taste of fish and the texture of rubber, these were barely edible even in my state of comfort-food desperation.

Later she informed me that they're mostly intended as pet treats. Luckily, the neighbors' dog LOVED them!
Rated 4 as a reward for spoiled pets and as a source of endless hilarity. Woof!