Greensburg Wind Farm begins construction; Vital Choice food shipments are carbon-offset by project to provide wind-powered electricity for tornado-torn town
by Craig Weatherby and Randy Hartnell

On May 4, 2007, a massive tornado leveled Greensburg, Kansas, destroying almost all the homes and leaving a path of devastation two miles wide.

Its people vowed to rebuild as the “Greenest town in America,” and we're helping turn the town into a partially wind-powered community.

The electricity generated by Greensburg's new wind turbines will replace power generated by coal and other fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gasses.

Our share of the Greensburg Wind Farm Project will offset the total estimated global warming effects of the carbon dioxide emitted by air and ground shipments to our customers from June 24, 2009, through June 23, 2010.

This effort is part of our Vital Green Environmental Stewardship program, which includes CubeCycle™, our literally unique foam shipping-cube recycling assistance program; our paperless e-catalog; our seafood sustainability stance; and more.

To learn more about offsetting your carbon emissions through the Greenburg Wind Farm or other projects managed by our offset provider, NativeEnergy, click here.

Not just carbon… we're offsetting unique, jet-related warming

The size of our contribution to the Greensburg Wind Farm Project takes into account the added warming effects of jet emissions at high altitudes… an effect called “radiative forcing”.

Jet cargo and passenger planes cruise at high altitudes, where carbon emissions exert a  greater positive radiative forcing effect than would the same emissions at ground level.

We choose to cover the estimated additional warming associated with Vital Choice air shipments... a choice that doubles the cost of our annual warming-offset contribution.

About our warming-offset provider
NativeEnergy, Inc. is a for-profit company partly owned by the non-profit Intertribal Council on Utility Policy (COUP), an organization of Native American tribes.

NativeEnergy uses a unique “help build” model that enables carbon-offset clients like Vital Choice to help finance the construction of new renewable energy projects that need additional upfront funding.

By purchasing a share of a project's long-term offsets, they can help overcome market barriers that discourage the development of high-quality renewable energy projects, and thereby help reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn more about global warming and see links to independent information, visit NativeEnergy.