All of us at Vital Choice are dedicated to helping every customer have a better life by providing the most delicious, nutritious, environmentally responsible food we can source.

But a recent letter from Linda J. of Jacksonville, Oregon, let us know that our products are helping a member of her family in a way we never anticipated. We were so taken by her story that we’re sharing it here, in a slightly edited version, with Linda’s permission:

“For all the core members of the Vital Choice crew: Of course, we absolutely love your salmon and your halibut, which we frequently purchase along with other of your products. In addition, we never miss our doses of Vital Choice DHA Brain Care.

Bijou the dog
Meet Bijou!

But, here’s a THANK YOU that you could never have imagined receiving!

For years, I’ve saved all the firm, solid boxes in which your deliveries have arrived. I’ve stacked them up in a particular place in our garage. I didn’t know for what I would use those boxes, but they are such fine quality that I saved them. I thought they might be used to sort multiple reports from various research projects.

But, this past week, those very boxes were lifesavers for us, when we, unfortunately, watched our 6-year-old dog, Bijou, begin descending our curving stair case with a continuous tumble. She had gone blind overnight, which apparently is a common happening in the dog world. The cause: sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome, or SARDS.

Vital Choice white product boxes
Vital Choice boxes fill spaces around and beneath furniture, preventing painful collisions.

So, after our emergency trip to the vet and to a vet eye specialist, we found there is no cure and that she, overnight, had gone from good eyesight to totally blind.

Your boxes have been used to create safe spaces for our dog, who, now, loves to roll a kibble ball around the lower floor of our house. Under couches, your boxes have filled in empty spaces. Around the piano legs and bench, the boxes have allowed us to fill in tricky spaces. Under bookcases and end tables, your boxes have created solid areas that don’t let the dog bump her way through table legs and lamp cords.

So, thank you so very much for providing the perfect solution to our immediate alteration of a house to a safe space for our totally blind dog. (We won’t be in any issue of Home Décor magazine, but any visitors to our house will see your product name across the multiple boxes in key places.)

Bijou kibble ball
Bijou’s kibble-filled ball no longer rolls under the couch thanks to sturdy Vital Choice boxes.

I thought you would get a kick out of this story. Because you provide EXCELLENT quality, even in your box choice, you completely affected, in a most positive way, our lives.

Again, thank you!

Linda J.

Jacksonville, Oregon

To which all of us at Vital Choice reply, thank you, Linda, for sharing this story. Our warmest best wishes to you and Bijou - you’ve improved our lives, too!